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WOD 10.26.2016


Workout of the Day by CrossFit Marin Performance Push Press, 1RM Compare results to September 16, 2014. For time: 15x Thruster @ 61/43-kgs. 21x Toes-to-bar 12x Thruster @ 61/43-kgs. 15x Toes-to-bar 9x Thruster @ 61/43-kgs. 9x Toes-to-bar Compare results to September 16, 2014.   Fitness Push Press 5-5-5 Compare results to October 12, 2014. Same […]


KNO 10.22.16

KNO 10-22-16 - Monster Bash

Want a date night? Drop your child off with us at The Cave for dinner, recreational gym play, movies, and more! Saturday, October 22, 2016, is “Monster Bash Night.” We are bringing Halloween alive this night at The Cave with a “Monster Mash” warm up routine, jogging in place, straddle jumps, hopping on one foot […]

On Rest Days


Whether your training involves running, swimming, biking or weight lifting, chances are the program you’re following specifies one or more ‘rest’ days each week. Rest days are important to your fitness and training goals. They reduce your risk of injury. They help prevent over-training syndrome. They keep you from getting bored with your program. They […]

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