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The Cave at the Corte Madera - Larkspur 4th of July Parade

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Happy Independence Day, everyone!  On Wed. July 4th The Cave took most of the gymnastics blocks and mats as well a set of parellel bars, some rowers and vault boxes over to the Corte Madera Town Park and we had hundreds of kids vault, flip, straddle walk, hang and jump their way through the gymnastics circuits for hours.  The gym received plenty of positive exposure but more importantly we were able to contribute to our community’s event and promote an active lifestyle for our local families.  There were even a few of our own Cavers who dropped by which we encouraged to jump in and do a little workout but might have been a touch reluctant because as they put it “I…just ate.  I also had about 3 mamosas!” or something of the sort.  Yeah, you know who you are!  In any case, thank you to our staff for their contribution and hard work during the holiday. (That would be Russ, Roger, Ryder, Andrey, Erin, Irina [Andrey's little sister, although she's not on staff] and myself as well as Jason Zarro for showing off on the parrallettes, as well as the “Danny Trevo” truck.)  I however, failed to take any pictures, so I borrowed this one from :


On a broader note, I’d like to take a moment to contemplate and appreciate the immense, deep, rich history of  this young and wonderful country.  The United States of America has had many struggles, controversies, and triumphs in its 236 years of independence and even before that.  We enjoy great freedoms and liberties because of the sacrifices of many great people and we have a lot to be thankful for.  As my understanding of history has broadened over  the years the more wonder I feel about it.  The opportunities and freedoms we enjoy have come at a high price for many.

CFM Day at the Park this Sunday June 20th, Roger Harrell / CFM featured on & a few other announcements.

Thursday, June 17th, 2010
Serafina teaches little Grommits cartwheels

Serafina teaches little Grommits cartwheels

It’s been a long time since we’ve done this, but if nothing goes awry, (like June rain) this Sunday’s classes (June 20th) will all be at the Corte Madera Town Park as regularly scheduled.  As many of you know, we used to do classes regularly at the Corte Madera Town Park back from when we were homeless in early 2008 (several times a week back then)  up untill late fall of 2009 (mainly on Sundays).  It was quite the marathon because we would load up a sh!^load of equipment, (both CrossFit and gymnastics, including the parallel bars!) mats and accessories in my 16′ bed box truck and take them all to the park where we unload them, set them up, pack them back in at the end of the day, and re-set everything up at the gym the next day.  What a bunch of masochists.  They had to be CrossFit coaches…!  In any case, check back on the blog tomorrow and Friday night to make sure there aren’t any changes, but if you show up at the gym on Sunday, I will be secretly laughing at you because there won’t be anybody here!   Here’s a Google map to the park.  Roger will post the link to the park location back up on the CFM website tomorrow.  It’s right off of Redwood and Pixley Avenue in Corte Madera.  Here are a few pictures from the park from last year:

Bill Instructs Lisa on Push-Jerks on April 5th, 2009

Bill Instructs Lisa on thrusters on April 5th, 2009Serafina teaches little Grommits cartwheels, April 5th, 2009.

Overview of the Corte Madera Park scene.  Roge, Sera & Bill all coaching at once.
Overview of the Corte Madera Park scene. Roge, Sera & Bill all coaching at once.
Russ running the Grommit Circus at Corte Madera Town Park April 12th, 2009

Russ running the Grommit Circus at Corte Madera Town Park April 12th, 2009

On another note, Roger and CrossFit Marin have once again been featured on (It’s the forward roll video linked in the actual WOD).  It’s been a while.  (Spring of 2008??)  This video has actually been featured on the main site before.  They’re re-posting it again to demonstrate forward roll technique for Thursday’s WOD.  It’s from the 2nd ever official CrossFit gymnastics certification.  Russell, Andy Petranek, and a few of our friends from Sunnyvale are also in the clip.  I’m walking around with really bad posture scratching my back.  I should pay more attention when I’m on camera.  In any case, here is the link:  It may be faster to just go to for Thurs June 17th and download the file to your computer.  Tell your CrossFit friends who have been thinking about coming into the gym.  If meeting a CrossFit celebrity at the newly remodeled CrossFit Marin Cave doesn’t get them in, then there’s little hope.