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Spring break camp and Kids Night Out

Monday, March 30th, 2015

KNO is like everyone’s birthday party on Saturday night. KNO runs from 5:30pm-10:00pm on the second and fourth Saturday of every month. Come by, drop off your kids and spend a night out. Your kids will have far more fun in our facility than with a babysitter, and they will have talented staff to teach them some movement, or if it is one of our many themed KNOs, they may learn something about our world. The next one is Saturday Apr 11, 2015 and drop off starts at 5:30PM. Children must be picked up by 10 PM. Register on our website at Cost: $40.00
We do have a few spaces left in our spring break Ninja Camp! Come to ninja camp and learn how to run literally anywhere. Walls and fences become aids to movement. Learn how to safely and efficiently navigate any environment. Learn this discipline from deeply experienced coaches. Ninja camps will develop strength and agility. The discipline also allows freedom and creativity as children work out how to best use their abilities to overcome obstacles. Register on our website at
Camps run 10am to 2pm daily. Kids should bring a lunch each day.
Camps run from 10am-2pm Monday through Friday
Full week $468 3 Days $298

Next Weekend Be a Ninja At The Cave! (Adults and Children)

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Have fun with your friends, and attempt new obstacles you’ve rarely seen.


Have you ever wanted to be a Ninja? Do you want to run one of the hardest obstacle courses in the world? If so…  NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!
Next weekend, The Cave is hosting the first ever Pitfall Obstacle League competition, for ages 8-Adult.
At this competition, you will get a chance to see competitors from the show “American Ninja Warrior”, such as Kevin Bull and JB Douglas.
Pit yourself against obstacles similar to the ones you have seen on TV, and you will get to run 2 different stages!
Three age groups:
8-13 years old
14-17 years old
18+ years old
Date for the kids will be Saturday March 28th starting at 1:30 pm
Teens and Adults will be Sunday March 29th Starting at 12:00 pm.
$70 registration per competitor or $35 if you have an active membership to the Pitfall Obstacle League
If you are looking for a personal challenge, then join us next weekend! These custom built obstacles will challenge your strength, endurance, agility, and mental fortitude in a safe and fun-loving environment.

Do You Want to be a Ninja?

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

jb_poster1 Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a ninja? Do you want to run one of the hardest obstacle courses in the world? If so… The Cave is hosting the first ever Pitfall Obstacle League competition. Ages 8-Adult

At this competition you will get a chance to see competitors from the show American Ninja Warrior such as Kevin Bull and JB Douglas. Pit yourself against obstacles similar to the ones you have seen on TV. You will get to run 2 different stages.

You must sign up at
Three ages groups:
8-13 years old
14-17 years old
18+ years young

Date for the kids will be Saturday March 28th starting at 1:30 pm running into the evening.
Teens and Adults will be Sunday March 29th Starting at 12:00 pm.

$70 registration per competitor or $35 if you have an active membership to the Pitfall Obstacle League

Five reasons of why YOU should try parkour

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Parkour, as defined by Mark of American Parkour, is “…the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one’s path by adapting one’s movements to the environment.” I understand parkour to be moving over obstacles in the most fluid and efficient way possible.
So, why should you and/OR your children give it a try? Here’s five reasons.
1. Increased Confidence
Parkour is a natural confidence builder, as it slowly takes you from not being able to do a lot, to being able to do things that you never would have guessed possible. When you look up at a wall that you know is higher than anything you’ve ever been able to scale before and you commit and manage to make it over, you feel like you can accomplish anything. After a while, that feeling starts to bleed out into the rest of your life.
Whenever you start feeling unconfident about something, your job, school, whatever – you can think back to the time you got over that wall, cleared that gap or landed that precision and remember that if you can do something that awesome, you can do anything.
2. Helps mental fortitude
While once you might have seen a wall, a fence or a gate as an obstruction, something that meant you shall not pass – you now see as a fun challenge. It doesn’t take long, to begin looking at every physical obstacle you find in your path as a challenge to be tackled with enthusiasm. Soon you find yourself seeing mental obstacles in the same way. Rather than hit a problem and immediately get frustrated, you’ll find yourself excited with the prospect of a challenging problem to overcome.
3. Increases creativity
Parkour also fosters creativity. The goal is to move over the obstacles in as efficient a way as possible. That usually takes some creativity on its own, but lots of people also try to clear obstacles in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. You begin deconstructing objects to find the most efficient way to get past it and how to make the skill look really good.
4. Increase your fitness
Parkour was very heavily influenced by a man named Georges Hébert. Hébert found when traveling through Africa the people there were in a heightened state of fitness without following a structured exercise routine. This lead him to develop a fitness system, the Natural Method, where each training session involved a variety of real world movements like running, jumping, crawling, climbing, throwing etc.
His method resulted in substantial body development and significant fitness gains. Parkour took some inspiration from his method,s and by its nature develops the body in a similar way.
When you practice parkour you walk, you run, you sprint in bursts mixed with periods of slow movement (sound like interval training?), you vault over things, you roll, you climb, you crawl, you jump, you balance. Almost every way you can make your body move, parkour practice will find a way to make you do it.
This kind of free flowing circuit training is fantastic for your fitness level. Additionally, it’s all real, compound, full-body movements (again sound familiar?). There aren’t isolated bicep curls, training for parkour prepares your body to use its fitness in real world situations.
5.Extreme Fun
Practicing parkour makes you feel like a little kid again, screaming your head off as you run from whoever was ‘it’ in a game of tag. It’s like the feeling of having an all out sprint just for the fun of it. There’s just something fantastically fulfilling about it. Honestly, to understand how fun it really is, you just have to go try it.
So what are you waiting for? check the schedule and come to a class!
…….bonus reason: You Always Wanted to Be a Ninja

JB and Brett Backflip Workshop Nov 1, 2014

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Everybody loves back flips! Not only do they look cool and capture the imagination, but they’re FUN! Join us on Saturday, November 1st, 2014 for a workshop on the back flip (ALL skill levels welcome). Using various equipment and trampolines, beginners will run through a series of drills to demystify the back flip and take some of the fear out of the equation. Those who already know how to do a back flip (or are close!) will be given challenges to help improve form or learn new variations.  This workshop is ideal for parkour athletes, free runners, crossfitters, trickers, dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders, and anyone who likes to MOVE! Space is limited to 20 athletes only!

Ages 9-13 sign up here:

Ages 14+ (adults too!):

Parkour Coach Andrey Is Tarzan

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Sometimes, we need to just play.  If you provide kids an interesting environment, they will play.  They will experiment with trees, rocks, water, sticks, dirt, bugs, etc.  We tend to move away from this child-like curiosity as we get older and we really shouldn’t.  Playing in natural environments is a great way to develop and keep strength.  Not everything has to be programmed out…sometimes the best thing to do is just get out there and create.

From Andrey:

After watching a Tarzan cartoon a while back, the idea of flowing through trees that grow close together sounded super fun and challenging.  And so, I scouted places in SF, figured out a line, practiced, discovered what poison oak is all about, found an amazing cameraman, and shot it.  Hope this video inspires you to go play on those trees like I did.  They are all over Golden Gate Park and Mountain Lake Park in SF, enjoy! “

First Wall Flip!

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

First Wall Flip

We are so proud of our athletes in the parkour program at The Cave. For example, this is Sam R. and he achieved his first wall flips last week!  Sam attends our Flip and Flow classes (ages 8-12).  After spending about 20 minutes working through the steps and progressions with his coach, Sam understood what needed to be done to execute a wall flip. The last training stage was to build the confidence and muscle memory to successfully execute each piece of the newly learned technique, every time. What you see here is what he ended up with…he nailed it!

Parkour Flip and Flow is a class for traceurs who have developed a higher than average fitness level, have a vast vocabulary of parkour terms, and demonstrate a maturity level that is needed to learn more complicated movements and techniques (i.e. respectful listening, no reckless behavior, basic understanding of the parkour lingo, etc.).

Interested in attending a Flip and Flow class?  Check out the parkour schedule and give our office a call (415) 927-1630.

E-mail works too.

American Ninja Warrior, season 6

Friday, May 16th, 2014

American-Ninja-WarriorAmerican Ninja Warrior (ANW)  is a televised competition highlighting incredible athletes attacking intense obstacle courses.  For the parkour community?  Well,  ANW is our Super Bowl. Insanely talented athletes from around the world compete to do what no one has done before — conquer a course modeled after the famed Mt. Midoriyama in Japan. American Ninja Warrior season 6 premieres on Memorial Day, May 26th. Be sure to cheer on our favorite athletes!  This is a great show to watch for learning new moves and hearing incredible stories about perseverance from the athletes.

Did you know many of our previous parkour instructors have competed on ANW, including me?  You never know who’ll you’ll see this season!

We will be doing Ninja Warrior Style courses next week to prepare for intense watching and cheering when the show airs. See an obstacle you like and want to try?   Let your coach know!

Spring Break Parkour Camp!

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Parkour Spring BreakWe had an excellent Spring Break Parkour camp this year!  Coaches JB, Josh, Zack W, Andrey and Zach R. had a blast training parkour with an incredible group of young athletes.  Some highlights include:  Moving up parallel walls Jackie Chan style, lunch time adventures, dodge ball, ANW courses and, of course, an epic water balloon fight.  Thanks to all the amazing families who spent spring break with us!

Parkour Spring Break 2

It will be summer before you know it and I’m looking forward to more parkour fun with our traceurs.   I’m hoping to meet lots of new ones too!  Summer camps fill up fast, so be sure to reserve your spot today!

Parkour Offers an Outlet for Women in Iran

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

After its birth in France, parkour has slowly grown a following here in the States.  But, parkour is no longer a sport for just the west…nor is it popular with just men.

On Fridays, groups of young women across Iran can be seen jumping from rooftops, scaling the graffitied walls of apartment blocks, and catapulting themselves over stairways. They are performing the same  parkour moves we do here in The Cave, but they’re much trickier to execute while wearing a hijab.

As one student from a Tehran parkour group says:  “It gives us courage and helps us release our pent-up energy. It’s great to feel that nothing can stand in your way.”  We’re in full support of the budding community there in Iran and would like to give a massive shout-out to the courageous ladies who are pushing the limits there in more ways than one.

Parkour’s popularity among young women in Iran is soaring, regardless of the bulkier clothing and head coverings Islamic dress codes require them to wear. The outdoor sport, a fast-paced hybrid of gymnastics and martial arts, seems designed to get you out of a fix quickly, which explains its appeal to young Iranians, whose social lives in the strict Islamic republic often require considerable agility. Iran’s female practitioners are running their own threads on Persian-language forums and posting films on-line to showcase their skills.

You can see a great video and read more about these amazing women here:

Keep it up girls, we’re all proud of you!