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Parkour Coach Andrey Is Tarzan

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Sometimes, we need to just play.  If you provide kids an interesting environment, they will play.  They will experiment with trees, rocks, water, sticks, dirt, bugs, etc.  We tend to move away from this child-like curiosity as we get older and we really shouldn’t.  Playing in natural environments is a great way to develop and keep strength.  Not everything has to be programmed out…sometimes the best thing to do is just get out there and create.

From Andrey:

After watching a Tarzan cartoon a while back, the idea of flowing through trees that grow close together sounded super fun and challenging.  And so, I scouted places in SF, figured out a line, practiced, discovered what poison oak is all about, found an amazing cameraman, and shot it.  Hope this video inspires you to go play on those trees like I did.  They are all over Golden Gate Park and Mountain Lake Park in SF, enjoy! “

Have you met Mira?

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Mira joined The Cave a few years ago when she was prompted to train for American Ninja Warrior. She started taking parkour and gymnastics classes to prepare for the event. Mira discovered that she does not have the ideal body type for gymnastics. She is tall…really tall. At just over 6 feet, she’s roughly a full foot taller than your average gymnast. Mira is, however, a fantastic athlete. She was a collegiate heptathlete and continues to pursue a variety of sports including being an avid rock climber and surfer.

To get a feel for Mira’s personality, think of a kid that is excited and happy about everything. Mira is just fun to be around. Her presence within a group just makes everybody happier. She’s supportive and encouraging to everyone.

Recently, Mira had an opportunity to go to Brazil, with a Matt Baxter Award, which allowed her to pursue her dream adventure. Her goal was to undertake a solo girl surf safari up the coast and document her journey through both a blog and hip-hop videos to inspire and empower girls in the outdoors. She put together several videos for the trip, here is one.You can also see more on her blog.

Mira has been working with kids for a long time and has a fantastic rapport with them. (Being a big kid herself certainly helps.) She is a self proclaimed “child whisperer” and really has a heart for helping kids. She has also created an environmental hip-hop collective with youth artists in Oakland called the Green Guard. Take a look at some of her work, say hi, and wait for the Mira hip-hop video about The Cave.

American Ninja Warrior, season 6

Friday, May 16th, 2014

American-Ninja-WarriorAmerican Ninja Warrior (ANW)  is a televised competition highlighting incredible athletes attacking intense obstacle courses.  For the parkour community?  Well,  ANW is our Super Bowl. Insanely talented athletes from around the world compete to do what no one has done before — conquer a course modeled after the famed Mt. Midoriyama in Japan. American Ninja Warrior season 6 premieres on Memorial Day, May 26th. Be sure to cheer on our favorite athletes!  This is a great show to watch for learning new moves and hearing incredible stories about perseverance from the athletes.

Did you know many of our previous parkour instructors have competed on ANW, including me?  You never know who’ll you’ll see this season!

We will be doing Ninja Warrior Style courses next week to prepare for intense watching and cheering when the show airs. See an obstacle you like and want to try?   Let your coach know!

American NInja Warrior 6

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

anwCoaches JB Douglas and Andrey Pfening are trying out for American Ninja Warrior 6
Check out  their video submissions, and lets all wish them luck!
Click here for Andrey’s video
Click here for JB’s video

Good stuff, and more to come!