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New Slackline setup in The Cave

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Some of you may have noticed that we recently cut two new holes in the walls next to the adjustable wall run bar in the parkour area.  Or maybe you haven’t since no one has asked me “what are those holes in the wall for?”.  Nevertheless, there they are, and for a purpose.  We now have another Gibbon slack line anchor wrapped around the post that’s in the wall and we can easily set up the slack line for our kids and adult parkour classes.  If you’re ever interested in training on them and you are experienced with one, you can ask me and I’ll see if we can set it up for you during non-class hours.  If you are inexperienced with them and would like to learn you can also schedule a private with myself or one of our other coaches.  You can also sign up for our parkour classes where we use them on occasion.  We used to have open gym on Thursday and Friday nights where athletes and clients could come in and play on the equipment at their leisure but we cancelled it due to poor attendance.  If you’d like to see  ”open gym”, or “Optional Skill Training” time, as we used to call it, make a comeback on the schedule during the day or in the evenings or make any other suggestions you can always try to sway The Cave’s management by signing in to our website’s members area and then click on “Give us Your Feedback”.  Writing up feedback on our website counts for a lot more than just telling one of the coaches or owners what you’d like because then there is a written record of the clients’ requests. In the meantime I will leave you with this cool little video of some of the possible tricks and skills that you can eventually work up to on a slack line.  Truth is, just walking across one is loads of fun and there is no better way to develop your balance.

“Ninja Warrior” Obstacle Course, Bar-B-Que, & Viewing Party at CFM on Sunday Dec 12th for all ages, also featuring PK all-star cast & Shane Daniels’ Return!

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

“What’s up, Hommies?”   At least that’s what Shane will be asking you guys when the cheetah/panther returns to our little gym for our  Ninja Warrior Obstacle course run and American Ninja Warrior viewing party hosted by CrossFit Marin and Parkour Connections at our awesome little gym!  For those of you who are unfamiliar, Shane, aka as “Ascent”, was our parkour coach in the spring of 2009 before he moved to L.A. to pursue a career as a stuntman and professional traceur.  Here are the details:

Where?  :  At CrossFit Marin, of course!

When?   :  On Sunday Dec. 12th from 9am-12pm for kids to run the course & 12-2pm for experienced traceurs to run (+13 y/o).   We will be running a slightly easier coures of the kids (approx 6-9 y/o) 9-10:30 and it will be a little harder (10-12 y/o) from 10:30-12pm, but the skill levels will be a little mixed.  The bar-B-Que will be ongoing from 11-2pm and the Viewing party will be ongoing throughout!

Why? :  Well, because American Ninja Warrior season 2 will be premiering on Wednesday Dec. 8th and will almost certainly be featuring our former PK coach Shane and myself on G4-TV!

When is the premier? :  On Wednesday Dec. 8th at 8pm Easterntime.  Check out G4’s site here.

What should I bring to the Bar-B-Que?  :  While there will be some food provided, you should bring your own meat/ whatever you want for the event.  SF Parkour may be organising/ bringing in some provisions.  Check out their discussion thread here.

How much does it cost?  :  Nothing.  Zilch, Nada, Rien.  It’s free, although we won’t be turning down any donations, since there is a considerable cost to hosting the event and we would like to give the volunteer organizers and traceurs some menial amount of compensation.

Ok… so here’s a little treat that none of your little ninja warrior fans will want to miss, featuring some very recognizable characters.  Can you find Shane, Nagano, Yuri, Levi, and others?  See what one traceur has to tell the CFM kids clan!

And here’s a G-4 video for those of you who don’t know who Makoto Nagano is:

Also check out my old blog about Shane, my own ANW-2 run Sasuke (the actual name of the obstacle course in Japan) and  Ninja Warrior here:

Sasuke Part 1 

Sasuke Part 2

Ninja Class at CFM

Shane Daniels

Check it out!

Slacklining “Alpha” Mike Payton & Andy Lewis

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

I met “Alpha” Mike Payton down at the San Francisco Bunkers at the end of the West coast parkour Jam before it moved  from the Presidio to CrossFit Marin.  He was looking to set up a slack line with his girlfriend and we quickly befriended each other and I invited him to the CrossFit Marin portion of the jam.  He is actually a Gibbon rep and is featured in this video.  Rumor  has it that he is one of the highest ranked slackliners in the world.  Some of you have noticed that Aero has been teaching his parkour classes a little balance and agility with his new Gibbon slackline.  Well, enjoy this video and watch what is possible with enough training and practice: