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Masters Qualifier & New Classes in May

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

the-cave-logo-crossfit-onlyCongratulations to our Masters qualifiers: Mark A, Martin H., Rich L., and Michael S. These talented athletes finished in the top 200 in the world in their divisions and now advance to the four-day online Masters Qualifier beginning on Thursday, April 23 at 5 p.m. Once the workouts are released, the athletes will have until 5 p.m. PT on Monday, April 27, to complete all the workouts and submit their scores. The top 20 athletes in each age division at the end of the Qualifier will advance to the CrossFit Games. Our Masters athletes, examples of hard work and dedication, are inspiring to watch. Congratulations!

New Classes in May

One of the extraordinary things about CrossFit Marin is that your staff listens closely to the community, weighing your suggestions and criticisms. You all spoke loud and clear on this one! Starting May 1, Sunday afternoon CrossFit classes are moving to Sunday morning at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Come on in, train, and get an early start to your day.

As an intern, Ron worked hard, listening and learning, ultimately earning his own CrossFit classes! He’s coaching the new 5:15 a.m. class on Tuesday, as well as the existing classes at 6:15 a.m. and 7:15 a.m., along with Thursday’s 5:15 a.m.and 6:15 a.m. classes. Ron’s patient yet encouraging style makes him the perfect addition to our coaching staff.

Sadly, we must bid farewell to a longtime CrossFitter who has been a wonderful member of our Cave community. Ian Nickels is moving and will no longer be training at The Cave. But we can’t just let him go without a final workout! Join us the morning of Saturday, May 2, as we’ll have a farewell WOD for Ian. Bo is planning some special programming just for the day.

Keep up the fantastic work everyone. As athletes, you continue to inspire each other, your coaches, and your community every day.

Questions and/or comments? I’d love to hear them.




Thursday, March 5th, 2015

The 2015 CrossFit Open kicked off at Copperhead, Massachusetts last Thursday evening (2/26/14) with the live announcement show. About a half dozen Cave members huddled anxiously around the flat screen to see what was in store for 15.1.

This year, CrossFit Director of Training, Dave Castro, decided to throw us a curveball right out of the gate. In previous years, competitors had asked for heavy barbells in the open. This year, we got ‘em in the form of 15.1A; a one-rep max clean and jerk! On top of that, for the first time ever, an Open workout will consist of two different scored events. 15.1, affectionately renamed the “grip reaper,” consisted of 9 minutes of 15 toes to bar, 10 deadlifts, and 5 snatches followed immediately by 15.1A—6 minutes to establish a 1 RM clean and jerk.

As soon as David Castro announced the first Open workout, our Mark Anderson was the first of 53 registered CrossFit Marin athletes to take it on. He kicked us off with a memorable performance, and we quickly learned this workout was all about grip strength. Mark set a great pace with 160 reps on 15.1 and a 199 lb clean and jerk on 15.1A. What an amazing athlete!

HUGE shoutout to our coach and athlete Seraphina Schinner, who KILLED this workout! She got the most reps of anyone in the gym on 15.1 at 197—an amazing performance that was exciting to watch—and a huge clean and jerk on 15.1A of 155 lbs!

Amanda’s performance was spectacular and has landed her in the top 60 of Norcal, keeping the regionals dream alive and in her sights.

There were so many highlights this weekend. Every athlete truly gave it his or her best. There were PRs and firsts all weekend. Cody Bartrug never snatched 75 lbs before but went for it and scored a total of 53 reps! Gotta love Michael Schinner catching the clean on his knees, Daniel T’s ability to high pull and strict press his lift, Dave Whaley’s being 1 kg shy of his 1RM max, Michael Tatum’s INSANE clean and jerk, and Rich Lefurgy punching out his jerk a nano second before time was called. It all exhilarated us and ignited our community further.

15.1 brought us a ton of toes-to-bar (which was to be expected) and a one-rep max clean and jerk (which was not expected). Our members counted, cheered, and high-fived each other into numerous new PRs. All in all, it was a great first week, and we’re anxious and excited to see what’s in store for the rest of the Open. Check out our leaderboard!

New Things at The Cave (and they are really exciting!)

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

unnamed-32015 is off to a great start.
Thanks to the hard work of our athletes and staff, this year is off to a terrific start. We launched a new look, promoted new leadership, and have more events in store. Read on for the latest news…

New Logo & Look
Our refreshed logo was custom-designed in vibrant blue and white to reflect the welcoming, honest, hard-working spirit of our athletes and staff. Response so far has been terrific. T-shirts and other branded goodies will be available for purchase in the pro-shop over the next few weeks.

New Equipment
New equipment is arriving! CrossFit athletes welcomed training on the Glut Hamstring Developer
(GHD) machines. And, arriving soon is a TumbleTrack for the gymnastics and parkour athletes to practice floor routines and tumbling skills. Thanks to Coach Russ for securing these key pieces.

unnamed-4Gymnastics - Open Gym on Mondays at 10 a.m. for ages 2-6
Yoga - Class times have changed to Tuesday and Thursday at 10 a.m.
And, a reminder to be on time to class. Please, no more than ten minutes late for ALL disciplines.

New Summer Camp Schedules
Camp enrollment is now open. Register before April 15th for ninja and gymnastics camps and receive an early bird discount!

New Leadership Roles
Please join me in congratulating the following leaders:

Amanda Norton has been promoted to Athletic Director of all programs including Gymnastics, CrossFit, and Parkour. This management role leverages Amanda’s natural talent for leading teams, fostering community, setting high standards, and ensuring quality across all disciplines at The Cave. Athletes will continue to benefit from Amanda’s experience as a coach for classes, competitive gymnastics and CrossFit teams, and private sessions.

Mikaela Velloza has been promoted to Director of the summer camps, Kids’ Night Out, and birthday event programs in recognition of her innovative and successful management. Students will also continue to enjoy Coach Kaela during regularly scheduled class times.

We will miss Crystal Montgomery as she takes a break from The Cave. We wish her the best on her adventures.

Policy Updates: Adjusted Temporary Leave Credit
The Cave is committed to keeping class sizes small. Because of this commitment, an athlete enrolled in a class often prohibits other students from enrolling in that class. You are paying for the reserved right to come to the classes each month. But, we’re aware that life is complicated and schedules can change suddenly. We offer a temporary leave credit of two (2) consecutive weeks for any temporary leave (vacation, medical, etc.) The credit is 50% of your regular class fee. If you are injured and would prefer to immediately withdraw from your class entirely, please give us a doctor’s note and we’ll waive our fee.
Coming Soon: Summer Hold
We want you back! We’re working on the ability to hold your spot over the summer. No more need to withdraw or gamble on losing your preferred time. Details coming soon.
Join The Cave Team!
Do you know Quickbooks accounting? Are you a graphic or web designer? We need help advancing our systems. Contact Stephanie Parker if you are interested in project-based work.
As a growing business, we’re always striving to improve your experience. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome. Ping me at

The Open starts this week!

Saturday, February 21st, 2015

reebok_crossfit_openMID-OPEN RECOVERY PARTY!
Save the date, Friday March 13th at 7 PM. CrossFit Marin will have a mid-open recovery party. More details to come, but this will be an evening focused on helping our athletes recover from the open and getting ready for the remaining two workouts. Stephanie Ring, in addition to other great vendors helping you recover, will coach a short recovery yoga class.
If you missed the first email explaining what the open is and how it works, check it out here.

Order T-shirts and Tanks!
We’ve got great t-shirts and tanks this year. If you want to order one, the cost is $28. Please email with your size and style preference.

Still not signed up for the Open?

1. Get out of your comfort zone! CrossFit is all about being comfortable with the uncomfortable. We learn to push our bodies to their absolute limits and then come back the next day with smiles on our faces, ready for more.

2. You will be here for a gym workout anyway, so why not see where you stack up? Every Friday throughout the Open, we will program its workout as the regular gym workout. As long as you’re doing it, why not submit your score online and see how you do compared to thousands of other people your age all over the world?

3. Build and support our community!

4. You can enter thinking that no matter what you do, someone else is always going to do better. But you will set PRs. You should compete because you’ll realize you are way better than you think you are.

5. You can participate the whole way through, and it’s fun! You should compete because it’s a commitment. You will train harder, you will eat better, and you will connect with your coaches and community in ways you never thought possible. You should compete because you can.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up here!

Question?  Comments? Feedback? We’d love to hear it.
Email me at!

THROWDOWN 2015, This Weekend!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

throwdown-2015t’s here! This weekend is The Cave’s first intra-gym, all-day CrossFit competition, and we can’t wait! This is a huge day for CrossFit Marin, and we’d love for you to be part of it.

The Cave Throwdown will consist of 3 workouts for 3 divisions (RX, scale, and limited) throughout the course of the day. Competing athletes will put to the test their strength, endurance, and perseverance…and it will be inspiring to watch! Some athletes have never competed before, while others know how to put on a show! This will be a fantastic event to watch and cheer on these athletes as they shine.

Please note that the 11:00 a.m. CrossFit and adult gymnastics classes will be canceled this Saturday ONLY.

I would to thanks the following companies who have donated products and prizes for our athlete welcome bags or winners!

This event would not be possible without our dedicated sponsors and volunteers. We are so thankful to them for their support! So, if you are in the market, consider purchasing their services or products should they offer something you need or have interest in.

Juice Alley: WOW, these juices are delicious! Find them in great locations in Larkspur and Corte Madera. All their drinks are cold-pressed and made daily to ensure freshness and maximum benefits from the ingredients.

Recharge S.F.: “Get stronger and feel better in 20 minutes!” Recharge S.F.’s mission is to aid people along their journeys in reaching their full potential by delivering accessible, affordable, and professional athletic recovery and performance tools.

Sports Authority S.A. Elite: Step inside your Corte Madera S.A. Elite and find an exceptional selection of performance apparel, accessories, and athletic footwear from brands that have made a name for themselves as being at the top of their game.

Happy New Year! Let’s welcome 2015 by setting some new goals.

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

Happy New Year! Let’s welcome 2015 by setting some new goals (NOT RESOLUTIONS). It would be great if we all shared them and post to the comments below! That way can all support each other. Here is a few guidelines to help:


Thank you Jessica M for the pictures!

1. Set Goals that Motivate and Inspire You
This means making sure that they are important to you, and hold value in achieving them. This should motivate you into putting the necessary work to achieve them.
2. Set SMART Goals
Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time Bound.
Set Specific goals:
Your goal must be clear and well defined. Help yourself achieve your goals by making them specific and clear by defining precisely where you want to end up.
Set Measurable Goals
Include precise loads, reps, dates, and so on in your goals so you can measure your degree of success. Without a way to measure your success you miss out on the celebration that comes with knowing you have actually achieved something.
Set Attainable Goals
Make sure that it’s possible to achieve the goals you set. By setting realistic yet1970408_10205873797830650_8358882655376298515_nchallenging goals, you hit the balance you need. These are the types of goals that require you to “raise the bar” and they bring the greatest personal satisfaction.
Set Relevant Goals
Goals should be relevant to the direction you want your training to take. By keeping goals aligned with this, you’ll develop the focus you need to get ahead and do what you want.
Set Time-Bound Goals
You goals must have a deadline. Again, this means that you know when you can celebrate success. When you are working on a deadline, your sense of urgency increases and achievement will come that much quicker.
3. Set Goals in Writing
The physical act of writing down a goal makes it real and tangible. As you write, use the word “will” instead of “would like to” or “might.
4. Make an Action Plan
This step is often missed in the process of goal setting. You get so focused on the outcome that you forget to plan all of the steps that are needed along the way. By writing out the individual steps, and then crossing each one off as you complete it, you’ll realize that you are making progress towards your ultimate goal. This is especially important if your goal is big and demanding, or long-term.
5. Believe in yourself!
Don’t give up, believe in yourself and make it happen!

Upcoming Kids Events at The Cave

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

unnamedDate Night?
Entertain the kids with
Kid’s Night Out
January 10th ~ 5:30-10pm: Kids have fun playing games, watching movies and more. Mac & Cheese and hot dogs. Ages 5+. $40 in advance. Register Now or before January 9th.unnamed-1

Kids Night Out: Skill Work Night
January 24th, 5:30-10 p.m.
$40 in advance.
Register now.

February or March Birthday?
The Cave hosts Parkour and Gymnastics parties
for kids ages 4 -13 years. Email Crystal today.

Top 7 reasons to join the 7th epic bridge run

Monday, December 29th, 2014

1502867_658992370818121_896856195_o-11486157_658991817484843_909740398_o7.  The epic bridge run is more fun than you can ever have on New Years Day.

6.  It’s a great way to start the new year

5.  The views are incredible!

4.  Many of your favoriate coaches will be there

3.  You’ll be a part a long standing Cave tradition and history

2.  It’s super easy to sign up, just follow this link:

AND the best reason is…………....we can’t do it with out you!


There will be CF classes this week!

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Do you have CrossFit-enthusiast friends visiting for the holidays? Then bring them to The Cave, because there will still be CrossFit classes! We welcome all experienced Crossfitters for a $26 drop in fee.

Here is the Holiday schedule:
Dec 24: Morning classes only for the “12 Days of Christmas” WOD
Dec 25 - 31: 9 a.m. only (this includes Christmas day)
Jan 1: 7th annual Epic Bridge Run (

Full schedule resumes January 2nd!
Thank you for being part of our community, and h
appy holidays!


Gymnastics Seminar, New Yoga class and more! This week in The Cave

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

We’ve got a few spaces left in our CF gymnastics seminar this saturday! You don’t want to miss out on spending your Saturday afternoon with Roger Harrell, founder of the CrossFit Gymnastics Certification program, learning gymnastics movements. Get started or improve your technique on a variety of movements. Learn how these skills truly break down to work toward mastery. Not only will attendees be taught how to best execute gymnastics elements, but how to teach them as well. Key safety concerns will be covered so that these elements can be introduced into programs without endangering students. To register or learn more visit:
New Yoga class: We are opening another new yoga class –Mindful Vinyasa Flow for all levels starting this Thursdays at 4:35. Thanks to all who responded so enthusiastically to our recent Yoga survey. First class is Thursday Nov 6 at 4:35- 5:25. Mindful Vinyasa Yoga focuses on breath and movement to help you unwind and de-stress from the day. Parents will be done before your child’s class is over! Come to the office to get get started.
Kids Night Out Nov 15 5:30-10:30Parents! It’s date night again, drop your children off here at The Cave for 4 1/2 hours of skill work before the holidays hit. Your children will be divided into their discipline of choice and coached on skills, play games and gorge on pizza. This night will end in a relax session watching a PG movie and hanging out with their friends.

Don’t forget challenge WOD #3 was announced on Monday along with November’s monthly skill challenge. Check them out, and get it done…… then record it on Beyond the White Board.