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Games Final - 2014 CrossFit Games

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

The final for the 60+ men was 100m run, 7 chest to bar pull ups and 5 snatches at 115lbs. This was a sprint. In fact the first place finisher completed the workout in less than 1 minute. Bill executed the workout very well. No missed reps, unbroken pull ups and a good pace on the snatches. The field was close. Bill finished in 13th. Only 9 seconds faster would have been 8th. He finished the event in 14th place overall.

It was quite a week. We are very proud of Bill. He held up incredibly well over the weekend. The foot held up great today. We’re going to keep tabs on it, but it didn’t bother him in the workouts today. We’ll see you all in the gym next week. Bill appreciates all the support and cheers. The masters competitors are a great group of guys. I always enjoy watching their interactions, and how they approach the competition. Superb sportsman’s ship.

Down and Back is Behind Us - 2014 CrossFit Games

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

The masters chipper was a variation on the regionals chipper. 40 box step overs, 20 toes to bar, 40 wall ball, 20 dips, then back to the wall ball and repeat everything. This was just a matter of setting a pace and keep moving. The event had a 21 minute cap and most athletes in Bill’s division completed the workout. The pack was pretty tight aside from the leader Scott Olson. He dominated finishing a full two minutes ahead of second place. Bill got going and kept a great pace. He did get no-repped a lot during the workout and the judge gave some confusing instruction during his last set of wall ball. Bill finished 17th in this workout keeping him 14th overall. We are looking forward to the sprint final. It should be a good workout for Bill.

Event 6 Medball/Burpee Done - 1 More Day

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
Bill in a position we are all familiar with

Bill in a position we are all familiar with

Medicine ball clean over the shoulder... 50lb ball

Medicine ball clean over the shoulder... 50lb ball

Bill was feeling a little down after the workout this morning. He felt he could have done better, but don’t we all sometimes. Additionally his left foot is bothering him a little bit. We’re not sure when it happened, but his arch is cramping and is tender, you may see this exhibit in the first event tomorrow. We’re getting work done to get everything as good as possible.

Event 6 was 21-15-9 Medicine ball clean over shoulder/burpee. We knew this was going to be fast, but it was a whirlwind. Pretty much the entire field got started and set a good pace. This pace did not slack through the entire workout. There were a few outliers in the front and at the end, but finishes in the middle were in rapid fire, and a few seconds could mean multiple places in the rankings. Bill got no-repped right at the end on the burpees, but finished strong. He ranked 14th on this workout leaving him 14th overall. We have a chipper tomorrow morning then a second workout that has not yet been announced. We hope to find out at the athlete briefing at 5:00.

Event 5 Done - CrossFit Games 2014

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
First several sets of jerks unbroken

First several sets of jerks unbroken

This year the workout is just called “2007″. At the 2007 CrossFit Games it was called the “Hopper Workout”. Literally created at random at the games in front of all of the athletes, coaches and spectators out of a large drum filled with marked balls. A row followed by 5 rounds of high volume pull ups and heavy jerks. 135lbs was the weight of the jerk, which in 2007 was considered on the higher end.

For the 60+ masters men the workout was 1,000m Row followed by 5 rounds of 15 pull ups and 7 push jerks at 115lbs. Bill started this event in 13th. The plan was to maintain a sub 2:00 pace on the row, then keep to sets of 5 for the pull ups and do the jerks unbroken. We knew that this one would be tough because it is long, and Bill can struggle with high volume pull ups, particularly in a competition environment. He was right on plan and within the top 10 for the first couple of rounds. Fatigue started to hit in round 3 and his pull ups sets had to be adjusted. The later rounds affected many of the men so Bill was holding on well. Unfortunately later in the 4th round and into the 5th round systemic fatigue really slowed Bill down. The 16:00 time cap (4 minutes shorter than the cap in 2007) was called and Bill had 2 reps to go. Bill finished 15th in this event, which fortunately keeps him in 13th going into the next event. We’ve got medicine ball over the shoulders and burpees next. Keep posted.

Run/Rope Climb - 2014 CrossFit Games

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014
Bill getting up the rope

Bill getting up the rope

The 4th master’s event in the 2014 CrossFit Games was a run/rope climb. Athletes had to perform 5 rounds of 400m run, 14 ft rope climb. Bill had his rope climb dialed in going into this event, but middle-long distance runs have always been a struggle for him. First round Bill finished the run in about 1:45 (ahead of his 2:00m/400 mile pace). Hit the rope climb and continued on. Throughout the workout he stayed in the middle of the pack. He actually struggled a bit on the rope climb letting his feet get away from the rope, but passed some of his competitors on the run, which he has never done before in a CrossFit Games level competition. Bill finished the workout strong in 11th place on the event. This leaves him in 14th place going into tomorrow.

Overhead Walking Lunge and Sled Drag Done - 2014 CrossFit Games

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014
Bill in the overhead walking lunge

Bill in the overhead walking lunge

Bill leading the pack in the sled drag

Bill leading the pack in the sled drag

Two more events down. The overhead walking lunge was a walking lunge with a 50 lb medicine ball overhead for as much distance as possible. You had two minutes to complete distance and dropping the ball ended your attempt. This was a tough event and except for a few outliers most athletes dropped the ball around the same time, so those that moved a bit faster, got further. Bill ended 17th in this event with 8ft. The athletes were then allowed a 1 minute rest, and then performed a 100yd run with a 45lb sled. This was a thrilling event to watch. Bill took off fast getting ahead of the pack. He ended up 2nd in his heat and 7th overall on the sled drag event. Bill is currently in 13th place and resting up for the run/rope event.

Deadlift Ladder Complete - 2014 CrossFit Games

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014
Bill Berry Picking up 355lbs at The 2014 CrossFit Games

Bill Berry Picking up 355lbs at The 2014 CrossFit Games

The first event of the 2014 CrossFit Games Masters competition was a deadlift ladder. The men’s 60+ category started their lifts at 265lbs moving up in 20 or 30 lb increments on a 30 second lift cycle with a 10 second rotation. We knew Bill was able to pick up the 335lb bar, but were not sure about the 355lb bar. He has been steadily increasing his lifts in training, but hadn’t done 355lbs in a long time (several years ago he hit 375lbs at the end of an astronomical PR streak on his deadlift). The event started and we watched as the men got to their lifts. After several competetors it became clear that Bill was going to need to make 355lbs to do well in this event. He picked up the 335lbs with relative ease. The next lift came up and he picked up the 355lbs solid. We were not sure if he was going to try the 375. The rotation was called and Bill opted to just hit the 225lb tie break weight for as many reps as he could. This finish puts him in 12th at the end of the first event. There are a lot of strong guys out there with several athletes making over 400lbs. A great start for the week. Next event comes up at 12:15pm. Watch the stream!

Bill’s heat times for today.

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Bill’s heat times for today.
Deadlift ladder: 9:20am
Overhead lunge/Sled drag 12:15pm
Run Rope 2:55pm
live feed:

Bill going for a max.

This week in The Cave

Monday, July 21st, 2014

cave_goodbyebill2_webCoach Bill
It is with deep sadness that coach Bill is leaving us to be closer to his family on the east coast. Please take a moment to read his farewell letter:
We’ll be having a goodbye party for him at The Cave on Saturday, August 2nd at 5:30. Please join us in celebrating Bill and showing our love for him.
Bill is also competing in the CrossFit games this week, beginning Tuesday. He is currently ranked 11th in the world in his age group. Want to know more about how to watch the games? Check out this link:

Yoga is coming to The Cave
Starting the first week in August, we’ll be adding 3 new classes to our schedule:
Monday and Thursday 10-11am WOD Recovery Yoga (Post CrossFit Yoga)
Wednesday 12:00-1:00pm Athletic Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Stay tuned for more details!

Kids Night Out - July 26

Parents, bring us your kids and take the night off! Your kids will have fun, play games and spend time with your favorite coaches or get to know new ones. Kids also get exercise and have a healthy dinner. You can relax and enjoy your evening knowing your children are safe AND happy! The next KNO is Movie Night on July 26, and you can register here.

Summer Camps
If you like the idea of keeping the kids healthily active during the summer (while giving parents a few hours break), check out our Summer Camp schedule below! Then be sure to register NOW as these classes fill up FAST!
The Cave’s summer camps are perfect for any age and any level! Our coaches will challenge your child at her level while making sure she is safe and having fun.
Summer Camps Date:
Gymnastics: July 28- August 1
Youth Camp: August 4-8
Gymnastics: August 11-15
Parkour: August 18-22

Fall Class Registration

Yes, it is only mid-summer, but its already that time to begin planning for the Fall! Classes fill up super fast in the Fall, so now is the time to organize your children’s schedules and sign them up!  Our Fall Schedule can be seen here on line and you can sign up by calling The Cave at (415) 927-1630.

CrossFit Trainer’s Gymnastics Seminar

You don’t want to miss this!  Spend 3 hours with Roger Harrell - founder of the CrossFit Gymnastics Certification program - learning how to properly teach gymnastics fundamentals in a CrossFit program. Detailed progressions will be covered. Key safety concerns will be addressed specifically geared toward teaching gymnastics movements to adults. Click here to register.

This seminar is coupled with the Athlete’s Gymnastics Seminar. Member’s cost for both Trainer’s and Athlete’s seminars is $90, non-member cost is $100.  Call (415) 250-9710 to sign up for BOTH seminars and receive the special pricing.

CrossFit Athlete’s Gymnastics Seminar
Spend 3 hours with Roger Harrell - founder of the CrossFit Gymnastics Certification program - learning gymnastics movements. This seminar is focused on proper and efficient execution of key gymnastics elements.  Get started or improve your technique on a variety of movements. Learn how these skills truly break down to work toward mastery. Floor, rings and parallettes will be covered in detail with an introduction to other gymnastics apparatus.  Learn some key techniques to dramatically improve your efficiency and enable performance of skills you thought unattainable. Click here to register.

This seminar is coupled with the Trainer’s Gymnastics Seminar. Member’s cost for both Athlete’s and Trainer’s seminars is $90, non-member cost is $100.  Call (415) 250-9710 to sign up for BOTH seminars and receive the special pricing.

Introducing our new CrossFit coach — Jaime Jereb!

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

JaimeIntroducing our new CrossFit coach — Jaime Jereb! If you haven’t met Jaime yet, you are in for a treat! Jaime is our latest CrossFit coach and she brings not only an amazing attitude, but a wealth of knowledge and commitment to fitness. Below is her brief biography. Please join me in giving her a warm welcome to our Cave family!

Jaime Jereb has always considered herself a bit of a “lifelete.” Never fully focusing on a specific sport, she enjoys the idea of being an active, healthy, human being for life. “Anything can happen, so you better be prepared!”300131_2229946904810_3754924_n

Mid-college, the lifelete found herself following a career path in the fire service. She attended Butte Fire Academy in 2004 where she quickly got a taste of true functional fitness — being 5′2” and 120 pounds, she had to learn to maneuver and carry the equivalent of over half her bodyweight.

After graduating and working in the Emergency Medical Services, she realized that trying to help people after they were sick, unhealthy and broken was not what she wanted to do. So, Jaime went back to school, attending CSU Chico where she studied Kinesiology in hopes of learning how to prevent some of what she saw during her EMS stint.

1175466_10201307530546905_1545772915_nIn 2006, she packed up and headed to San Diego for a total change of pace and a new career. There she started her own business, specializing in fun, effective, functional fitness. Since Jaime has a passion for learning and a desire to bring her clients the best possible tools for success, she went back to school a third time, attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a holistic health counselor with a focus on Paleo/real food nutrition, bio-individuality and cross-training.1000761_10200913033484725_1949430513_n

With a strong belief that ‘less is more’ Jaime is constantly preaching healthy wellness and real life living to her clients. HAVE FUN, SLEEP WELL, EAT WELL, LIVE A LOT! When she isn’t in the gym walking on her hands, swinging from bars or sprinting down the street, you can usually find her skateboarding with her dog, perusing the aisles at Whole Foods (her guilty pleasure), and laughing her face off with friends.