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Barry Zito, Timmy Lincecum, Pitching Mechanics & Andrew’s Camps

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Hi Cavers,

I think it’s an appropriate time to admit it, even if it’s not completely Kosher in the CrossFit, Gymnastics, or Parkour world.  Baseball is pretty awesome.  It’s just a sweet game.  It’s the ultimate duel of wills and strategy.  It takes that unique human ability to launch missiles out of our hands with just the powers of the human body (and awesome mechanics) to an extreme that boggles the mind.  No matter how hard we train at anything, there are animals, other species that is, that can pretty much kick our ass at whatever we try to do physically- except for throwing.  We’re the throwing champions and that ability has lifted us over the prehistoric giants.  If it weren’t for throwing, we’d probably be extinct, because that’s how we made up for our otherwise great lack of physical aptitude and made food out of larger, stronger, scarier animals.  Today we don’t have to hunt with stones and spears, but we showcase our great ability to throw and our amazing fine motor control in Baseball, and we have some pretty awesome teams right here in the Bay Area.  Since we have quite a few baseball fans in The Cave, and two Major League teams to be proud of, I’ve decided that today’s blog is going to be about baseball and pitching mechanics.

How about our San Francisco Giants and Barry Zito keeping the season alive?  Sometimes you just do have to earn your $126 million and extend the season.  Here is a slow motion of his pitching mechanics:

Believe it or not, this does relate to CrossFit in some way.  Pitching mechanics might be the most beautiful illustration of what Greg Glassman has called the common theme in functional movements: Core to extremity.  The power is generated in the large muscle groups, which would be the legs and the core and is then transferred and magnified into and by the extremities, which in this case would be through the shoulder, upper arm, fore arem, wrist, hand and finger of the pitching arm.  Here is a repost of my favorite pitching mechanics video featuring Tim Lincecum:

You have to love physics.  Here is a little video regarding some of the strategy of pitching:

Most of you know that the Giants just won their last game 5-0 vs. the Cardinals, so they’re in a must win situation heading back home to AT&T park.  Hey, at least we’ve got an exciting series!

The A’s have been eliminated by the Detroit Tigers, nonetheless they definitely deserve a lot of recognition, especially when you consider the following:

The 2012 Oakland team beat Texas to win the division on last game of the season after trailing by 13 games.

Team Payroll for 2012:

#1 NY Yankees - 195.9 million - 94 wins

#5 Texas Rangers - 120.5 million - 93 wins

#30 Oakland A’s - 49.1 million - 94 wins

Sometimes you just have to fight the odds, believe and go at it like you’re the champ, and the A’s have done just that, and they lost to one hell of a Detroit Tigers team.  Here is the trailer for a great movie about what it takes to be the fighting underdog:

So let’s hope The San Francisco Giants rise to the occasion for the next two games to get to the World Series.

Our friend and neighbor, Andrew Frierson owns Andrew’s Camps next door.  He is a former minor league baseball player who runs summer camps and coaches baseball.  He has actually sent some of his aspiring Ninja Warrior kids over to our parkour classes and after they are done running, jumping, swinging and vaulting they go next door to hit some baseballs.  What an awesome place to grow up if you’re a kid, next to the Cave and Andrew’s camps!!   I just want to see our little Ninjas grow up to play baseball and be able to do a wall run up the outfield wall to keep a would-be homer in the ballpark!  How cool would that be?!