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This Week in The Cave

Monday, September 8th, 2014


Kids Night Out!

Parents, take the night off and let us watch your kids for a few hours.  KNO is simple, yet perfect for both parents and kids — just drop the kids off this Saturday at 5:30pm and pick them up at 10:00pm.  We’ll take care of the rest!  The amazing staff at The CAVE will play games, serve a healthy dinner, laugh and have a ton of fun with your children. To register email or call us  415.927.1630

Gymnastics Seminar

We’re doing it again.  We have another gymnastics seminar coming up on Saturday Oct 5 from 1PM to 7:30. Led by Roger Harrell, founder of the CrossFit Gymnastics Certification program, this hands on seminar focuses on learning and improving gymnastics movements. You will hear  how these skills truly break down in order to  work toward mastery. Not only will attendees be taught how to best execute gymnastics elements, but how to teach them as well. Key safety concerns will be covered so that these elements can be introduced into programs without endangering students.  To register click here or visit:

Fitness Goals

Now that the kids are back in school, it’s time to think about YOUR fitness goals and how the staff at The CAVE can help you achieve them. Are you curious about CrossFit? E-mail our CrossFit Director with your questions. Do you want to know more about our Yoga classes? Please e-mail Stephanie at  While your kids are in their classes, you can take one too!

Let’s keep in touch!
Have you liked us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram? These two tools are great ways to stay in touch with the latest in what’s happening in the CAVE and some great pictures of what we’re up too!  Check us out!


Friday, August 22nd, 2014

On Thursday, September 11th 2014 Businesses across America will show appreciation to U.S. military forces by providing free goods and services on FREEDOM DAY USAAmerica’s Largest Military Thank You Event.
We salute our men and women in uniform as they have given us the gift of freedom.
One of the local participating businesses is Greenbrae Dental Care and they will offer free exams, cleanings and basic procedures to any active duty military and veterans. If you or anyone you know would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact them 415-464-9989 or email at
If your business is participating please email and we’ll feature them here. If you’d like more information visit

Yoga is coming to the Cave!

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

steph_ring-591.jpgThe Cave is excited to announce 2 new Yoga classes expertly instructed by Stephanie Ring.

Wednesday 12-1pm Athletic Vinyasa Flow:

Athletic Vinyasa Flow is a fast paced yoga class designed to challenge athletes and yogis physically and mentally. Each class will focus on strength, core stability, flexibility and postures to help improve overall athletic performance.

Monday and Thursday 10am-11amWOD Recovery Yoga (Post CrossFit Yoga):

WOD Recovery Yoga (Post CrossFit Yoga)introduces athletes to another form of movement designed to improve their WOD performance and overall fitness. Each class will include poses and transitions to improve performance in 5 of the 10 general physical skills crucial to overall fitness: Flexibility, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy. Classes will be sequenced to improve mobility in foundational movements like squats and designed to help unwind the body from previous workouts.

Private and Semi Privates

Available for private instruction Monday through Saturday. Email to set up appointment for private or semi private yoga classes.

Stephanie Ring, creator of Endure Yoga, is an athlete who absolutely loves yoga.

She created Endure Yoga to help athletes improve their athletic performance. This is a specialized yoga system in which yoga classes are specifically designed around the athlete and their specific goals and the type of physical activity that they are pursuing. Classes help to maintain flexibility and fitness and mirror the builds, recovery and taper periods in a training season.

This week in The Cave

Monday, July 28th, 2014

A fantastic group of guys

A fantastic group of guys

Congratulations to Coach Bill!

Bill Berry made a HUGE statement at the CrossFit Games last week!  He came in 14th in the Master division, and showed the true spirit of a champion!  Great job Bill!  We loved cheering you on and watching you get after it.  We are all so  proud of you!!  Roger’s series of recaps of Bill’s events begins here:

It is with deep sadness that coach Bill is leaving us to be closer to his family on the east coast.    We’ll be having a goodbye party for him at The Cave on Saturday, August 2nd starting at 5:30pm.  Please join us in celebrating Bill and showing our love for him.  Also, please take a moment to read his farewell letter here:
wod_recovery_yoga2-1Yoga is coming to The Cave
Starting the first week in August, we’ll be adding 3 new classes to our schedule:

WOD Recovery Yoga (Post CrossFit Yoga)      Monday and Thursday 10-11am

Athletic Vinyasa Flow Yoga      Wednesday 12:00-1:00pm

More information can be found on our website:

Fall Class Registrationgroup_photo
Yes, it is only mid-summer, but it’s already that time to begin planning for the Fall!  Classes fill up super fast in the Fall, so now is the time to organize your children’s schedules and sign them up!  Our Fall Schedule can be seen here on-line and you can sign up by calling The Cave at (415) 927-1630.
muscleup-goodCrossFit Trainer’s Gymnastics Seminar
You don’t want to miss this! Spend 3 hours with Roger Harrell - founder of the CrossFit Gymnastics Certification program - learning how to properly teach gymnastics fundamentals in a CrossFit program. Detailed progressions will be covered. Key safety concerns will be addressed specifically geared toward teaching gymnastics movements to adults. Click here to register.
This seminar is coupled with the Athlete’s Gymnastics Seminar. Member’s cost for both Trainer’s and Athlete’s seminars is $90, non-member cost is $100. Call (415) 250-9710 to sign up for BOTH seminars and receive the special pricing.
CrossFit Athlete’s Gymnastics Seminar
Spend 3 hours with Roger Harrell - founder of the CrossFit Gymnastics Certification program - learning gymnastics movements. This seminar is focused on proper and efficient execution of key gymnastics elements. Get started or improve your technique on a variety of movements. Learn how these skills truly break down to work toward mastery. Floor, rings and parallettes will be covered in detail with an introduction to other gymnastics apparatus. Learn some key techniques to dramatically improve your efficiency and enable performance of skills you thought unattainable. Click here to register.
This seminar is coupled with the Trainer’s Gymnastics Seminar. Member’s cost for both Athlete’s and Trainer’s seminars is $90, non-member cost is $100. Call (415) 250-9710 to sign up for BOTH seminars and receive the special pricing.

Have you met Mira?

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Mira joined The Cave a few years ago when she was prompted to train for American Ninja Warrior. She started taking parkour and gymnastics classes to prepare for the event. Mira discovered that she does not have the ideal body type for gymnastics. She is tall…really tall. At just over 6 feet, she’s roughly a full foot taller than your average gymnast. Mira is, however, a fantastic athlete. She was a collegiate heptathlete and continues to pursue a variety of sports including being an avid rock climber and surfer.

To get a feel for Mira’s personality, think of a kid that is excited and happy about everything. Mira is just fun to be around. Her presence within a group just makes everybody happier. She’s supportive and encouraging to everyone.

Recently, Mira had an opportunity to go to Brazil, with a Matt Baxter Award, which allowed her to pursue her dream adventure. Her goal was to undertake a solo girl surf safari up the coast and document her journey through both a blog and hip-hop videos to inspire and empower girls in the outdoors. She put together several videos for the trip, here is one.You can also see more on her blog.

Mira has been working with kids for a long time and has a fantastic rapport with them. (Being a big kid herself certainly helps.) She is a self proclaimed “child whisperer” and really has a heart for helping kids. She has also created an environmental hip-hop collective with youth artists in Oakland called the Green Guard. Take a look at some of her work, say hi, and wait for the Mira hip-hop video about The Cave.

This Week’s Happenings in The Cave!

Monday, April 28th, 2014

cave_client-bbq6_webCave Community BBQ
The Cave is hosting a Client Appreciation BBQ event on May 3rd from 1:00-7:00PM.  All are welcome to attend, though we will be paying extra special attention to our CrossFit community! They have worked very hard this year and deserve some home cookin’ and some fun!
If you’re looking to show off your awesome paleo (or non-paleo) cooking skills, you’re in luck for this is a pot-luck event.  The Cave will provide the bulk of the food and drink, but feel free to bring a dish to share! Come prepared to participate in some fun games and contests for prizes.  Who doesn’t love an old fashioned water balloon toss or three legged race? It is important to note that The Cave will NOT be providing child care at this event, however, children are welcome to attend. We hope to see you there!

Challenge WOD

Thanks to Coach Bo, the Challenge WOD is back and better than ever! This time around the in-house competition will consist of 6 workouts, each running for 2 weeks. At the conclusion of the 6 workouts, a winner will be chosen for Top Male and Top Female athletes. Read more about it here!

Whole Life Challenge

The Whole Life Challenge is a game/contest started by CrossFit LA. designed to help people make positive lifestyle changes by using accountability.  If you would like to participate in this challenge, sign up by going to our team page at: We’ve had Cavers do the WLC before with great success.  Be sure to share this with your friends — they do not have to be Cavers to participate, nor do they have to be fitness nuts.  There are varying levels of participation.  Inviting friends to participate in the WLC with you may be a good way to get them thinking about their health and fitness without the full level of commitment of joining The Cave.

Fantastic Acrobatic AcroYoga Workshop

May 18th 1:00 - 3:30PM

Combining partner yoga, partner acrobatics, and healing arts, AcroYoga helps build strength, confidence and trust.  Who wants to be fantastic when you could be Acrotastic?!  This workshop is guaranteed to make you work hard and gain skills while having a blast!  Come learn the ways and leave happy!  Space is limited so please register early!   AcroYoga beginner and intermediate levels welcome.

AcroYoga is an incredibly fun way to bust through fears, build trust in one’s abilities, form powerful friendships and large amounts of confidence. Crystal Hatzimichael is both an experienced AcroYoga teacher and a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist. Reserve your space now by e-mailing or calling (415)927-1630. $35


Summer Camps

If you like the idea of keeping the kids healthily active during the summer (while giving parents a few hours break),  check out our Summer Camp schedule below!  Then be sure to register NOW as these classes fill up FAST!

Summer Camps:

Epic Bridge Run Recap

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

The Epic Bridge Run this year was a blast. We had a great group of folks ranging from our competetive team BoManda to several folks completely new to CrossFit and The Cave. All were able to participate, get in a great workout and have fun. This year’s workout was designed for pairs, though we had one group of 3 and one solo participant.

The run started on the north end where all teams had to grab a pair of rings and run over to the bridge walkway and string up their rings. Then they had to complete Ryan - The Firefighter.

  • 5 rounds
  • 7 Muscle ups
  • 21 Burpee

After completing Ryan they then had to break down their rings, run them back to the starting area, then perform Golden Gate Bridge Murph. This involved running to the south end of the bridge, down to the Marina Amphitheater, then performing:

  • 100 V-ups
  • 200 Push ups
  • 300 Squats

Followed by a run back to the north end of the bridge.

At the north end they found a barbell waiting for them. At this point they just had to complete Randy - The Police Officer 75 snatches. The teams took between 1 hr 15 minutes to just a bit over 1 hr 30 minutes. Complete details on the result are here.

6th Annual Epic Bridge Run Coming Soon!

Friday, December 20th, 2013
Cold Wet Bear Crawls

Cold Wet Bear Crawls

2014 is almost upon us. It is time for the 6th Annual Epic Bridge Run. This started as a group of friends getting together to just do a workout on New Years Day and has become a Cave/CrossFit Marin tradition. Nick W. has run this event since the beginning and rest assured he is still involved in the planning. Unfortunately he’s not going to be able to join us as his LEO duties will be keeping him busy.

A little history on the Epic Bridge Run.

2009: Golden Gate Murph. This was an impromptu get together. It involved doing Murph, but using the bridge as the “mile run”. 4 people attended and it sparked the idea to do this every year.

2010: Bridge Ball Brought down a truck load of equipment, and utilized medicine balls on the bridge for a variety of tasks. Unfortunately the Golden Gate Bridge authority didn’t like us bringing equipment on the bridge. After I spoke with them it totally made sense. They were actually quite kind when they approached me about the potential problems.

2011: Zombie Apocalypse The first of the themed Bridge Runs. This event involved tasks and scenarios that may be encountered during a zombie Apocalypse.

2012: Bridgepacolypse What would you do at the end of the world. Would you be able to help your fellow humans, or would you become a burden? Gathering resources and getting around without modern machines is difficult.

2013: Caveman Games The life of the caveman was hard. Gathering supplies and hunting large game is exciting and exhausting.

2014: Come and find out!!!

Be sure to register. The earlier you register the better we can plan for the event. Hope to see you all there. Participate in a Cave Tradition!!

Happy Halloween From The Cave

Thursday, October 31st, 2013
The Cave crew in costume

The Cave crew in costume

Your staff at The Cave wishes you a happy Halloween. Have fun tonight everyone. We’ll see you in November!

Team KarMa does Masters Madness II

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Karen L. and Martin H. signed up for a co-ed partner masters competition that was held at Crossfit Diablo in Pleasant Hill last Saturday. This is their story.

Friday: Day Prior To Competition

9:00am – Karen goes to the gym to “work on a few things”. She drops 100kg on her foot and swears continuously for the next 15 minutes.

12:30pm – Karen goes to the doctor to get her foot x-rayed. Luckily it’s just a bad bone bruise. Karen goes directly to the store and stocks up on ice.

4:00pm – Martin goes to The Cantina with Chad L., Ehren H. and Chris W. for drink, not because he enjoys their company, but because Chad is buying.

7:00pm – Martin dresses up as a cowboy and drinks too many martinis.

Saturday: Day of Competition

4:20am – Karen wakes up, feeds the chickens and does her usual morning routine of 30 minutes on the elliptical and some “secret exercises” in the basement. Rich rolls over and continues sleeping.

5:00am – Martin’s alarm clock goes off. He cooks up his usual breakfast of bacon, eggs and avocado and chases it down with a glass of full cream milk. Thayer rolls overs and continues sleeping.

6:00am – Martin picks up Karen who, unpredictably, did not seem nervous at all. On the drive over, we go over the two published WODs for the third or fourth time. We take comfort in the fact that both us are confident that we can do all of the movements on the list (save the rope climb, Karen L.’s elbow is still a mess). As we will find out later, what we don’t know won’t intimidate us.

7:00am – We register our team at Crossfit Diablo in Pleasant Hill. The facility is massive, there is equipment everywhere and the atmosphere would be intimidating except that the people are so friendly. We are still scared. It is cold outside. Our palms are sweating.

7:30am – We attend the athlete briefing and are told the movement standards. There are three heats for each of the two known WODs for our age group (40-47). We are in the third heat so we will have time to watch the first heat and then warm up during the second. We have some time to kill, so we talk to some of our fellow competitors.

9:30am – WOD #1

4 minutes to establish 3 rep max axle deadlift

Then, after 1 minute of transition time, in the next 10 minutes:

(a) Row 1,000m while partner is hanging from a pullup bar

(b) With time remaining, AMRAP:

(i) 80 double unders

(ii) 20 toes-to-bar

(iii) 20 partner burpees

Then, after 1 minute of transition time:

Unknown distance partner run

Axle deadlifts are just weird. We had to use a double overhand grip and because the bar kept rolling out of our hands we could barely manage to lift 60% of our 1RM regular deadlift. We each had 3-4 attempts in the allotted 4 minutes and although we did not know it then, we scored in the bottom quartile for this part of WOD #1. The 10 minute AMRAP was really business as usual, with Martin scaring everyone with his slow start on the double unders (it took him 15 seconds and 3 restarts to get his first rep). Despite her nagging Achilles injury, Karen rocked the double unders and the burpees. The run was an out-and-back affair and we had to run it holding each end of a jump rope. Dropping the jump rope would result in a 10 burpee penalty. The wrinkle was that we did not know exactly how far we had to run (we were told that it was less than a mile); when we got there we would see yellow tags hanging up in a tree, one of which we had to grab and then retrace our steps back to the finish line. Karen started out really fast on the run and Martin was being dragged along at the other end of the jump rope, just trying not to trip over. However at the turnaround point we lost all of our 50 yard lead by getting confused and running past the yellow tags, allowing the second and third teams to catch up. Fortunately, Team KarMa still had some gas in the tank and broke away in the second half to win the heat by 50 yards.

After WOD #1, Team KarMa was in 3rd place overall. The axle deadlift (13th) and run (1st) counted for half-points and the 10 minute AMRAP for a full point (3rd). We are thankful that we are not last. Since this was our first ever CrossFit competition, no-one knew who we were, but now people were starting to ask us “what box are you from?” “where in Marin is your box?”

11:40am – Karen drops a 25lb DB on her foot while warming up her weighted pullups. She drops it in the exact same spot as the day before and lets out a scream that can be heard back in Marin. It really hurts but fortunately despite Karen’s best efforts, it is still not broken. She is limping now, but luckily there is no more running!

12:10pm – WOD #2

3 minutes AMRAP of weighted pullups (45/25lb DB)

Immediately followed by a 10 minute AMRAP:

3 DB deadlifts (45/25lb DB)

3 DB hang squat cleans

3 DB front squats

3 DB shoulder-to-overhead

20 partner box jumps

Karen’s 1RM weighted pullup is right around 25lb and she was able to knock out her 1RM 3 times in the 3 minutes! The DB complex had to be performed by Martin first while Karen held a 45lb plate and then we switched places. Karen was a machine on the DB complex, with great speed and full ROM on every rep. Martin was slightly slower relative to the other men and was never no-repped, but was told to “get lower” a handful of times. We made up some time lost in the DB complex in the partner box jumps. We were jumping onto the same box while facing each other and we adopted a strategy of minimal transition time which meant trying to jump up on to the box to knock the other person off. It seemed to work.

After WOD #2, Team KarMa was 2nd place overall. The weighted pullups counted for a half-point (5th) and the DB complex counted for a full point (2nd). We are a bit surprised that we are still doing so well.

1:00pm – After WOD #2, ten teams (including us!) made the cut and the Final WOD was announced. We knew it was going to have rope climbs as that was one of the required movements to enter the competition. However, Karen was a little taken aback when it was revealed that there would be HSPUs and muscle-ups too! She would never have entered this competition if she had known ahead of time. But now we made the final and there is no going back!

1:30pm – Rich arrives in time to cheer us on in the final. He brought a camera, so there are pictures!

2:00pm – Final WOD

5 rope climbs

Immediately followed by 4RFT:


15 clean and jerks (135/115lb)

20 KB swings (53/35lb)

Then, after 20 minutes has elapsed:

3 minute AMRAP of muscle-ups

Despite all the pre-WOD hand-wringing, the rope climb was a non-issue and we came off the rope only seconds behind two other teams. Martin got onto the wall and did the HSPUs (lucky for the team that he had been working on these for the past year or so, phew!) and then Karen blasted out the majority of the clean and jerks with a brief respite in the middle of each round when Martin stepped in for a few reps. Then there were muscle-ups. Enough said.

So, at the end of the day Team KarMa made the podium, finishing in 3rd place. We placed 4th in the rope climb/4RFT, which counted for 1.5 points and we came 2nd in the muscle-ups, which counted for a half point. We were happy with our effort and had a lot of fun. We found out after the award ceremony that the teams that placed first and second both had Games athletes on them, and we were beaten into third by just one solitary point! Despite the fact that Karen and Martin rarely workout together, we believe that we did so well because we were able to strategize around our individual strengths and were constantly communicating with each other during each of the WODs to minimize non-working time.


Many thanks to our spouses (Thayer and Rich) who took up the slack so that we could be at the event, to all those who sent texts and emails throughout the day, to Bo for his programming and to our regular workout partners who push us every day (Ashley R., Shari M., Ehren and Mark A.)!!!

TLDR; we finished third, we had a great time, we would do it again.