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Major demo complete

Sunday, March 29th, 2009
View of demo almost complete

View of demo almost complete

All major demolition is done. We are now starting to build things out. You will see a lot of changes in the coming week. New equipment is coming in, major work in the space will be completed. This photo is a few days old already, and the current state is pretty different. If you haven’t been by recently you need to stop by the gym to see what is going on.

Strong consistent worker…

Saturday, March 28th, 2009
Bill doing overhead lunges with a slosh pipe

Bill doing overhead lunges with a slosh pipe

If you haven’t worked out with Bill yet just wait until you do. He’s one strong guy. Bill hasn’t always been this way. Bill is officially CrossFit Marin’s first client. Some statistics about Bill…

Consecutive pull ups…

Then 0. Now 11+

Deadlift Then 176 Now 374

Fran Then 19:21 (with 66lb thrusters) Now 10:21 as rxd

This list goes on with every metric of health and performance we measure. Huge improvements at a time in life when most people are in a steady decline.

Bill is doing this right. He is very consistent with his workouts, eats clean and goes hard. The road hasn’t been completely smooth. In the process he’s pulled 3 hamstrings. One very early on just doing lunge walks. Then he pulled both in one shot trying to out sprint guys half his age. He dealt with the injuries, was smart about recovery and kept on the path to fitness. Goals are still ahead to be accomplished and we expect to see continued improvements in times and loads. Great work Bill! If you’ve worked with Bill give him a shout out in comments.

A workout well done

Friday, March 27th, 2009
Anna is done

Anna is done

This and the fetal position are very common postures at the end of a workout. What is your favorite post-workout colapse position? Do you find one of our mats to crash onto, or do you just drop in place regardless of the surface you are currently on. Let us know.

More information on the downsides of fructose. Check out the article Fructose metabolism by the brain…. This article points out that not only does this sugar have the normal effects (insulin response, fat storage, diabetes, etc) but also increases food intake. Counter to this glucose has a dampening effect on food intake so a mixture tends to be more neutral. So, yet again we’re back to just getting as much sugar out of our diets as possible.


Thursday, March 26th, 2009
Nemov performing a laid out tkachev

Nemov performing a laid out tkachev

Virtuosity showing great technical skill. A “virtuoso” is one who has mastered their craft to a point where they truly stand out even amongst top performers in their craft. In sport the term virtuosity has been used extensively in the gymnastics community. In this context it is used when a fairly simple skill (among elites) is performed so well as to demonstrate true mastery of the skill even beyond other seasoned athletes. At various times in the gymnastics scoring system virtuosity has been rewarded by bonus points.

When we speak about virtuosity in CrossFit, it means to perform the movements in our workouts to the best of our ability, every repetition. Every time you perform a movement, attemt to do it perfectly. Perfection will never occur, and the movements can always be improved, but by keeping a steady focus and executing as well as you can, every time, your rate of improvement will be increased dramatically. This particularly applies to movements that have become easy for you to perform. It is easy to get lazy about the skills we can easily do and allow a little bit of slop to creep into our execution. Do not let this happen. Do the easy stuff exceedingly well and it will carry great benefit into the movements that are not so easy.

The downside of box jumps

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
Gloria's shin after a missed box jump

Gloria's shin after a missed box jump

The photo is the unfortunate result of pushing hard, and doing box jumps while fatiguing. You can miss. We often push our limits here. Taking our workouts to the edge is what keeps the rate of improvement within CrossFit unmatched anywhere else in the “fitness” industry. Sometimes walking the fine line can result in failure, and sometimes that failure can involve pain. A true CrossFitter, Gloria iced the shin for a couple of minutes, but couldn’t stand not completing the workout, so she jumped up and finished. Way to go!

Let’s play, guess the back…

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
Who's back is this?

Who's back is this?

Can you guess who’s back this is? Trainer’s need to give it a few days before weighing in. I’ll give one hint. He’s a relatively newcomer to CrossFit Marin, but he’s already been on the blog. Post your guesses to comments.

Working on pop vaults

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009
Liner practicing pop vaults

Jill practicing pop vaults

While we’re on the theme of welcoming Shane, here’s a photo from one of his recent parkour classes working on pop vaults. Jill is showing good support and getting her hips up to pop off and land on top of the blocks. This is a great way to get on top of a high object quickly. What have you learned recently that has application outside the gym? Have you encountered a situation that you have handled more easily since learning a technique? Post application to comments.

Welcome Shane and family!

Saturday, March 21st, 2009
Luvelle, Jaiden and Shane

Luvelle, Jaiden and Shane

Everyone welcome Shane “Ascent” Daniels to CrossFit Marin. Shane is joining the team with a background in personal training and parkour. He runs with SF Parkour, Sacpk and regularly attends jams around the bay area and central valley. He will be taking over the Sunday parkour classes, and we will be seeing more and more of Shane around the gym as time goes on.

Kids classes are great

Friday, March 20th, 2009
Umm, Cade, I think you're watching the wrong thing...

Umm, Cade, I think you're watching the wrong thing...

We love having kids classes at CrossFit Marin. It’s a ton of fun, and the benefit they get from a good physical foundation makes all of it worthwhile. Kids generally have a great approach to new things. Once they get over an shyness, they will try new things with enthusiasm and gusto. As adults we get self concious, and let other societal baggage get in the way of doing new things. Kids are used to most things they do being new and difficult. We tend to forget that as we get older and get decent at a few things. We’ll shy away from the things we are not good at. Making excuses like “Well I’m just bad at that”, “I’ll never be able to do X well so why bother” or “That’s just not my thing”. Well, sure, if you never work at something, you will never be able to do it well. We were bad at everything once. For humans this is quite true. At birth about the only thing we do decently is breathe and circulate blood, and even that can be dodgy at first. We have to learn how to eat, sleep, roll over, crawl, walk, talk… So why are we resistant to new things as we get older and more experienced. When you try something new, in general you will be bad at it. The great thing is, the more new things you practice at, the better you get at learning new things. So, the more hesitant you are at learning new things, the more difficult it will be. Approach new things with enthusiasm and gusto. Do not give any consideration to the fact that you are terrible at first. Practice and improve. Soon you will be better than most people at that new thing. Keep learning, keep trying new things.

This is a beautiful thing

Thursday, March 19th, 2009
The smaller studio after demo day 1

The smaller studio after demo day 1

Why is a dusty room with torn up walls and HVAC ducts hanging all over the place beautiful? Because of what this will look like when this work is done. This is the smaller studio after a full day of demo. Yeah, the green walls are gone, the lighting pipe rack is gone, extra walls are mostly gone and there is debris everywhere. A special thanks to Kerry, Carlos, Hugues and Mike for the work they have put in to begin the build of CrossFit Marin’s new layout. There is still a LOT of work to be done, but this start is a big step. Come by and see the progress. Pardon the dust and noise when you’re training. It will be worth it!