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1 day to the qualifier

Thursday, April 30th, 2009
Andres 2008 Games - Heavy Squat Grace

Andres 2008 Games - Heavy Squat Grace

Only one more day before the qualifier. We’re getting prepared for a day of hard work, and a lot of fun. The workouts for the day will be:

Workout A:
500m Row
30 Burpees
10 Shoulder to Overhead (Men: 165#, Women: 95#)

Workout B:
Ground to Shoulder (Men: 185#, Female: 105#)
As many reps of each as possible in 10 minutes. Men must do a minimum of 10 of each, women must do a minimum of 4 of each.

These are the biggest loads of any of the qualifiers. Nor Cal has some monster athletes. It is going to be quite a competition just to get qualified to day 2, much less claim one of the 5 men’s or 5 women’s spots for the games. Check back on the blog, root us on. Here’s a link to the location if you can come down and root us on in person that would be great. Spectator admission is free.

Muscle-up week at CrossFit Marin

Thursday, April 30th, 2009
Keep those rings in close!

Keep those rings in close!

With one of the workouts for the the CF Game’s qualifier requiring muscle-ups, it was muscle-up theme week at CFM. Among the people working their muscle-ups this week were: Stephanie, Tom W., Kristy, Gloria, Gabe, Noah, Carlos, Lisa, Kela Cabrales (with a little bit of help),  and others.  From the parkour classes we had Aaron, Joe, Ethan, Gillian (who I owe $10 to because of a bet that she couldn’t get a bar muscle-up, which she nailed.  Gilli is at a ripe old age of 11.),  and Seraphina.   Here are a few pics of Kela’s on the high rings.  Way to go, Kela!
On another note, we had Emily Cookson, the mother of Adrian and Nathan, start off her foundations series today.  She is jazzed, motivated, and gearing to go.  Make sure you say “hi” to her when you see her in the gym!

CrossFit Marin will be closed May 2-3

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009
CFM Closed May 2-3

CFM Closed May 2-3

Virtually all CrossFit Marin trainers will be competing in the Nor Cal Qualifier for the CrossFit games so all classes this weekend are closed. We will update here after day 1 of competition to let you all know how it is going. Check out the Nor Cal Games Blog to see what we are about to put ourselves through.

Your competetors
Gabe Taube
Tom Woodward
Stephanie Sharp
Ryan Wooley
Bill Berry
Andres De La Rosa
Roger Harrell

Run for the Gold at Coleman Elementary School

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

On Sunday April 26th, Coleman Elementary School hosted their anual “Run for the Gold” to promote health and fitness in the community.  When they asked if we would sponsor such an event, we said “of course”.  Then they tried to explain that why it was a good idea.  Our reasponse was.., “… no, seriously, of course we will.  You don’t have to sell us on this, this is what we do.”  Kudos to the teachers and families at Coleman for putting together and hosting such a great event.  We’re happy that they’ve taken such a great iniciative to improve their lives and the lives of their families and loved ones by promoting health, fitness and good habits.  Congratulations to all the folks who signed up and tackled the 4k & 7k runs.  You guys ROCKED!  It was fun to watch the kids sprinting down the straight away to the finish line.  My only regret was that I wasn’t able to run it as well; I would have enjoyed it.  (I ran varsity Cross Country my freshman year in high shcool; running was my thing.) 

In the meantime we set up all the gymnastics equipment in the school field.  Here was the result:

The parents having more fun than the kids with the medicine ball!

The parents having more fun than the kids with the medicine ball!

Choo-Choooo...  down the p-bar rails goes the gromit train!

Choo-Choooo... down the p-bar rails goes the gromit train!

Ahhhhh... here I go!

Ahhhhh... here I go!

Legs first, then arms!  That's it!

Legs first, then arms! That's it!

"Keep the bar close!  Stay tight." Coach Gremlin instructs.

"Keep the bar close! Stay tight." Coach Gremlin instructs.

Bye, mom!  We're rowing over to CrossFit Marin to do gymnastics!

Bye, mom! We're rowing over to CrossFit Marin to do gymnastics!

Look, I can lift this, mom!

Look, I can lift this, mom!

    See why I love my job?  Special thanks to Kristy, Russ, Gloria, Jill, & Joe for all their help on Sunday!  Couldn’t have done it without you!

Yet another reason to avoid processed grains

Saturday, April 25th, 2009
White bread... no redeeming qualities

White bread... no redeeming qualities

Ok, so we all know that eating refined grains is not the best health choice. Here is an article outlining the process that wheat goes through to get to the point of making nice fluffy white bread.

Little Known Secrets About Bleached Flour

So, we’re going through a process that strips out any nutrients that were there in the grain to begin with. Leave only the simple carbohydrates, and generate a toxin that is used to induce diabetes. Think of eating white bread as being comparable to eating a large lump of sugar, and potentially a large lump of sugar laced with toxins. Note that the article does state there is a lot we don’t know about the actual effects of these changes to our food. We’re back to eating whole, natural foods as being the best way to ensure optimal health. Overall human alterations to food over the years have not gone well.

Amelia finds an alternative use for the mats

Friday, April 24th, 2009
Amelia rests after some hard play

Amelia rests after some hard play

You know you have wanted to do this. In fact, I know first hand many of you have done this. Generally at the end of a workout one of our mats is a great place to crash and recover. Here Amelia is showing us proper form for the open fetal position. Give her 2 minutes and she’ll be ready to go hard again.

Equipment is moved in!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
The equipment is in!

The equipment is in!

The equipment has been moved into the new box. Welcome to the new CrossFit Marin. The world’s first gym custom built for CrossFit, Gymnastics and Parkour. Let’s see… features:

  • High bar (high enough for Tom W. to swing on)
  • Uneven bars (Extra wide spacing possible, enough height for anyone)
  • 2 Pair of high sprung swiveled rings
  • Parallel bars
  • Pommel horse
  • Beam (with multiple low beams)
  • Multiple sprung tumbling areas
  • 2 Climbing ropes (different materials)
  • Multiple men’s, women’s and training olympic weightlifting bars
  • Multiple full sets of bumper plates.
  • Full range of kettle bells
  • Full range of rubber coated octagonal head dumbells
  • Plyo boxes, sand bags, iron cross trainers, jump ropes, medicine balls, rowers, pull up bars, grip trainers, mushroom, vaulting blocks, slosh pipes, parallettes… the list goes on.

We’ve gone the full range. Training in parks, the basement of a church, tumbling out on the parking lot at night in the dark (no exterior lights) in the winter, where ever we could. It’s always been about the training, but having the facility finished will make it that much easier to provide world class training. We want to thank you all for riding this out with us. You all make the work worthwhile, and make it all possible. The commitment, and diligence shown by so many of you has been inspiring. We are truly fortunate to be surrounded by so many great people. Welcome to CrossFit Marin’s new beginning, and get ready for some fantastic things to come.

Does Your Gym have an Hugues?

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

If you have a Hugues in your gym, consider yourself very fortunate.  Hugues are unique and wonderful.  They are also quite idiosyncratic.  One can always rely on an Hugues.  You might ask yourself, “what exactly is an Hugues, anyaways?”  That is a very good question.  You see, no one really knows for sure.  What we do know, is that Hugues are very, very, very old.  They are so old, in fact, that no one really knows just how old they really are.  It is rumored that they predate the Early Pharohs of Egypt.  They have a very good work ethic, so it is perfectly reasonable to assume that when the Pharohs decided to build themselves some pyramids, that a few Hugues volunteered some of their time to help, because seeing as that the marble stones were very, very, heavy, and located a long way off, by the Nile river, they probably figured that the pyramids would never get done in time if they didn’t do most of the work, starting with the CAD drawings.

Hugues are pretty quiet fot the most part.  If you find yourself in a conversation with an Hugues, and you can’t understand what it is saying but feel stangely allured, that’s O.K.  You see, the reason is that they speak in sexy French accents and they mumble a little bit, so it’s not your fault!  This leads us to suspect that they must come from France.  One might ask an Hugues, but since they speak in sexy french accents, you shouldn’t bother, because it will do you no good, since you won’t understand what it is saying anyways.   Nevertheless, the Hugues will find another means of communication, because they are very resourceful.  This is why we believe that they had a hand in painting the cave drawings in Chauvet , Lascaux and Niaux in France.  When visitors came to see the Hugues in the early paleolithic, being very smart, they would always find a practical way to communicate, and thus the cave drawings!  The Hugues always find a way around difficult problems.  They are very accomodating and resourceful.

Never try to feed an Hugues while one is working.  The Hugues will always turn down the food because the Hugues must focus on his job and food would only be a distraction to the Hugues.  It must get through the work quickly, and besides, an Hugues should go eat with it’s family; as is proper.  So the Hugues will likely turn down the meal and you might even feel quite guilty that you offered in the first place!

Usually, if  Hugues aren’t working hard or driving their mortor cycle, they are doing gymnastics.  Hugues are very good at gymnastics and they are extremly self-sufficient.  An Huges is also very unselfish with it’s time.  If you need help with your handstand, ask an Hugues for some advice!  They will always have something very insightful to say, for an Hugues is very wise and patient, being very old.  Even if it is speaking in a sexy French accent, it will find a good way to communicate.  If you see one in your gym, you can tell it… “Bonjour, comment ca-va?”  Which means “Good day, how do you do?”  if it replies, you can follow up with “Merci pour nous aider.  Sans vous il c’est possible qu’il n’aurait CrossFit Marin”, which means “Thanks for helping us.   Without you, it’s possible that there wouldn’t be a {insert your gym here}.”  One should always be nice and cordial to an Hugues, for they are very wise.  They have even been seen kicking it with Taubes, who are rumored to be slightly older than Hugues.  They are so old, in fact that they wear “Old Guys Rule” shirts, but the Hugues are more modest.  They are also very cool when doing gymnastics, and impress everyone.  If you ever see an Hugues in your gym, consider yourself lucky.  If every gym had an Hugues, the world would be a better place!

-Post thoughts about Hugues to comments:


Hugues are wonderful workers!
Hugues are wonderful workers!
Hugues prefer to work with friends, but will do it themselves if neccessary!
Hugues prefer to work with friends, but will do it themselves if neccessary!

Consider yourself very fortunate if you have an Hugues!

Training while sick

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
Exercise induced... not illness induced

Exercise induced... not illness induced

If you haven’t seen him before Pukie the clown is sort of CrossFit’s mascot. (If you don’t count the Glassman’s dog Athena). Anyway, he’s an example of exercise induced puking. We’re going to talk about another thing that induces that wonderful experience we’d all like to avoid forever… Illness.

Just like with injuries, being sick sucks. It slows us down, prevents us from accomplish our normal daily tasks, runs the risk of infecting others, and just makes you feel miserable. This year in particular we’ve had a lot of CFM members out due to illness so I’ve had a lot of folks ask me how to train while sick.

First off, if you have something contageous, please don’t come in and share with others in the gym. We’re all about sharing and mutual experiences, but with illness we want you to keep that to yourself. At the gym your hands, sweat, whatever will be all over equipment that other folks are touching. It’s next to impossible not to spread illness in this environment if you’re contageous.

Ok, so back to how to train while sick. If the illness is severe, just take some time off and get better. Putting in training time will expend energy your body needs to fight the illness, and the illness will last longer, resulting in more lost training time. If it’s a light cold, or you are on the tail end you can train through the illness. What I am going to discuss comes from emperical evidence of myself, others I have trained with or coached. I do not have any studies to back this up. When you are sick you want to avoid training at the normal intensity we expect with CrossFit workouts. Dial it back. In particular highly metabolic workouts can extend illness, or make the illness worse. Use sick days to focus on dialing in technique. Really drill your movements. Keep the workout reasonably light. Some strength work can be done without prolonging your illness, so lift reasonably heavy, and keep the rep count low. Allow plenty of rest so you’re not getting taxed metabolically.

Above all, nutrition and sleep are even more critical when trying to get over an illness. Keep your diet clean and get a lot of sleep. This way you can get back to training and life full bore sooner.

Are there any particular illnesses you have questions about? Post them here.

Meet Cara

Monday, April 20th, 2009
Cara on the C2

Cara on the C2

Everyone meet Cara Guyot. If you haven’t made it for a Saturday morning workout you probably haven’t met her. She’s Noah’s wife and they have a little one Skye (Noah and Cara correct me if I got the spelling wrong) that rightfully takes priority. They Guyots have been a great addition to CFM. Say hi next time you see them.