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Guilt Free Eating Part 1: Holidays

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Historically I’ve done a pre-emptive holiday eating post. Here are a couple:

Thanksgiving Feasting

Paleo Resources For The Holidays

Karen did a series on Paleo Thanksgiving starting with:

Family Eats Paleo For Thanksgiving

The topic for today is eating for the Holidays guilt free. Now the main point here is not how to eat perfectly clean during the holidays, but more to eat guilt free, even if your diet goes astray during this time of year. Firstly nutrition is a lifestyle. Focusing on eating right is something you are, not something you do for a short period in life. If you do this for the rest of the year, then minor shifts in your diet during the holidays are not going to be accompanied by significant health consequences. Eat well throughout the year and you can be a bit more lenient with yourself during the holidays. Do I eat strictly paleo during the holidays. Nope. I really like eggnog. Milk and a lot of sugar. Not a normal part of my diet, but I’ll have a glass at Christmas dinner. I’m also not going to beat myself up about it afterwards.

Guilt free eating is a mindset as much as eating well is. There are consequences to your eating decisions, both positive and negative. If you make the right nutritional choices the positives will far outweigh the negative. That is really all there is to it. Your nutritional decisions, for the most part, affect you. There’s no reason to feel guilty about poor eating choices, because they are not harming anyone else. The exception would be a parent or caretaker with significant diet related health issues still choosing to eat poorly. Then, yes, you should feel guilty about removing your ability to care for these folks simply because you want to eat crap, but that’s a topic for another time. When you choose a doughnut instead of broccoli it is a choice you are making. There are ramifications to either choice, but it still comes back to that. When you choose the doughnut you are making the choice that the short term pleasure outweighs the longer term impact of that choice. There is no moral call on which decision is better or worse, it is simply you making a choice one way or the other. There is nothing to be guilty about. Make the choice, but just understand what the impact of that choice is.

Over a longer period of time these choices will clearly show in your health and fitness, so your baseline response to these choices is critical. What is less critical is what choice you make on rare specific occasions. Some people justify the choice by making almost anything a special occasion, but if it is truly an uncommon occurrence then you can chose to indulge a little, be it through eating more volume than you normally would (this is where I tend to go) or by eating things you would normally exclude. It all comes down to balancing the consequences with any positives the decision may make.

Make your choices. Understand what those choices really mean. Then enjoy the results of your choices. There is no guilt. Just decisions.

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

A time of year when schedules are all over the place. Time to be with family and friends. I just want to say how happy I am to be a part of the extended family that is The Cave. My life is better because you are all in it. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

Growth in the Gymnastics Program

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

It is almost impossible to miss the fact that the gymnastics program at The Cave has grown a lot. If you come by in the afternoons the place is just buzzing with activity. It is all but impossible for any of the other disciplines to use the gymnastics area. What you may or may not have noticed is the increase in the ability of the gymnasts at The Cave as well. These kids are getting better fast. They are all working hard to improve.

If you watch the gymnastics area you will see a different level of gymnastics than what was going on there just a few months ago. This has an amazing affect on the whole program. The newer students now get to see where they are going. It makes it easier to keep motivated when you have a target.  We have a top level group that is leading the way. Check them out on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. These kids are headed toward our first competitive group. USAG JR Olympic competition is tough, but a great experience. The expectations are very high and the requirements go well beyond other sports. Simply competing at a moderate level in this sport requires a lot of hours in the gym, and quite a lot of dedication. We’ll keep you up to date as this develops.

Where In The World is Mira Manickam

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Some of you know Mira. She is the tall ex heptathlete that took a lot of adult gymnastics classes. Now, looking at her there’s no way you’d pin her as a gymnast. 6′ tall, really skinny. Not your typical gymnast build. She is a superb athlete. She was one of our female stars for American Ninja Warrior last year. She also picked up new gymnastics skills really quickly. Aside from her athletic ability Mira was just a great person to have around. She truly loves taking on new challenges, and bounces around like a little kid.

Mira took off a few months ago to head out to Brazil to work on a project. The above video is due to that project. The goal is to put together media to help young girls see the benefit and joy of choosing an active lifestyle. We miss her but totally support this effort. Watch the video.

Ryan Ford on How to Train for Ninja Warrior

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Ok, Cavers, it’s a quick post day.  So here’s a “How to Train for Ninja Warrior” video by Ryan “Demon Drills” Ford and Brandon Douglass.  I’ve been wanting to make one of these myself but he beat me too it, and I don’t mind promoting his work, since he’s a good instructor.  Some of you will notice that there is quite a bit of overlap and many similarities with CrossFit training.  Indeed, a lot of those same functional movement skills come in very useful on the Ninja Warrior course.  Most of my top picks for exercises would have been the same.  Please comment and let me know what you think.

For the record, Ryan Ford finished 32nd in the south west regional qualifiers, narrowly missing the semi-finals for one of the most competitive regions in the nation.  He had an injured ankle before the warped wall.  I will also give him credit for training some of the very beasts that kept him out of the semi’s and providing them with their training grounds, Apex movement.  Brandon Douglass is considered Ninja Warrior Elite, and tied for 10th in 2012 ANW 4 in Las Vegas, along with Elet Hall (NE region) and our own JB Douglass, falling on the transition of the Unstable Bridge in Stage 2.

Acro Yoga At The Cave

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

If you haven’t heard yet we are going to start offering acro yoga classes at The Cave in January. We are offering two separate classes that take different approaches to this discipline. Come to a therapeutic session to help increase mobility and improve recovery, or come to an acrobatic session to learn some great partner acro skills.

The classes will be taught by Crystal Hatzimichael and Kathy Gade (Seen in the video). This is a great opportunity to try something new and improve yourself. The classes start on Tuesday January 8th at  7pm. The 7-8pm session is therapeutic and the 8-9pm session is acrobatic. Try them out.

Productivity Myths

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

It’s all about productivity.  If I could be more productive and get more paperwork and admin stuff done in half of the time, all of my problems would go away.  Actually, that’s not true.  In order to get all of my problems to go away, I would need to have the power to read people’s minds.  That would be very useful, but kinda creepy.  In any case, here’s an interesting write up about Productivity Myths that I found enlightening.  Please comment if you feel so inclined.

Parkour Video Day: Noah Amparano at The Cave

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Ok folks, a lot of you know that I like to post parkour videos here and there.  Well, how about one of our own this time?  Check out Noah Amparano rocking Ryder’s PK course at The Cave.  This wasn’t even his best run.  Man, that boy is quick!  (Please excuse the sideways start… it gets corrected a few seconds in.)

By the way, for you CrossFitters, I was going to post Martin’s Push Jerk PR, but it occurred to me that I’d better ask him first, before I get in trouble.  Hopefully on Thursday or Friday!

Programming for December 3 - 9

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Monday, December 3rd:
500m row @ 50%
Standard Warm up
A) Back Squat: 1 x 5 heavy
A1) Warm up: 10 w/ bar; 5 w/ 50%; 5 w/ 60%; 3 w/ 70; work set
Note: Heavy = 85% +
B) Remainder of class on gymnastic or body weight “goat”

Tuesday, December 4th:
500m row @ 50%
Standard Warm up
A) Jerks: 5 x 1 heavy
A1) Warm up: 10 w/ bar; 2 x 3 w/ 50%; 1 x 3 w/ 60%; 1 x 2 w/ 70; work set
Note: Heavy = 90% +
B) Remainder of class on squat/ power snatch, “everyone’s goat”. Focus on speed in the third pull.

Wednesday December 5th:
500m row @ 50%
Standard Warm up
A) Snatch: 3 x 1 heavy
A1) Warm up: 10 mid hang w/ bar; 10 muscle snatch w/ bar; 10 snatch grip push jerks from behind the head w/ bar;   10 snatch balances w/ bar; 2 x 3 w/ 50%; 1 x 3 w/ 60%; 1 x 2 w/ 70%; 1 x 1 w/ 80% work set
Note: Heavy = 90% +
I anticipate their will be a fair amount of missing based on the load. Keep your total attempts w/ the working weight below 10.
B) Remainder of class on gymnastic or body weight “goat”

Thursday, December 6th:
500m row @ 50%
Standard Warm up
A) 1000m row @ 100%
B) Rest 10min
C) 5min max effort burpees
D) Rest 10min
E) Repeat 5min burpee effort w/ no greater than 10 burpee differential +\-
Note: During the burpees, ideally, toes will remaing touching while shooting away from the body and return to the jump position.

Friday, December 7th:
500m row @ 50%
Standard Warm up
A) Clean: 3 x 1 heavy
A1) Warm up: 10 mid hang w/ bar; 10 drop cleans w/ bar;  1 x 3 w/ 50%; 1 x 3 w/ 60%; 1 x 2 w/ 70; 1 x 1 w/ 80% work set
Note: Heavy = 90% +
Keep total attempts w/ working weight below 10.
B) Remainder of class on gymnastic or body weight “goat”

Saturday, December 8th - SELF DEFENSE SEMINAR - 1:00 - 5:00
5min of rowing @ 50%
Standard Warm up
A) “Jackie”
1000m row
45 barbell thrusters
30 pull ups
B) Remainder of class on “goat”

Sunday, December 9th:
500m row @ 50%
Standard Warm up
A) Front Squat: 1 x 5 heavy
A1) Warm up: 10 w/ bar; 5 w/ 50%; 5 w/ 60%; 3 w/ 70; work set
Note: Heavy = 85% +
B) Remainder of class on gymnastic or body weight “goat”

Cooking In The Cave Debuts

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012
Cooking In The Cave

Cooking In The Cave

Today at the nutrition fair we debuted The Cave cookbook “Cooking In The Cave”. The idea behind this goes back about a year and a half. We talk about nutrition all the time, but have wanted to put together a guidebook that can help implement our recommendations in an easy to use format. A lot of people have contributed ideas and feedback. A huge thanks to Karen Minot, Cara Guyot and Susannah Wallenstrom who have put in a lot of time to make this happen. Karen M. is the star of the show. She helped drive the process, and was responsible for the layout, format, finding us a printer and contributed a large number of recipes.

We will also be creating an online resource tied into the cookbook soon. There is an online cookbook available that you will have access to if you purchase a copy. We’ll have them available in the office starting immediately. There is a copy you can flip through there now so take a look. We are very excited about this, and would love to hear your feedback on the book.

The nutrition fair was fantastic. A good crowd started out the day grazing on food prepared from the cookbook, burgers and sausage from Tara Firma farms and Mila enhanced food prepared by Cara G. and Kristen G. Anjuli B. performed blood draws to send to WellnessFX for analysis and consulting, the Body Fat Truck was onhand to perform hydrostatic weighing and Stephanie G. gave a great seminar. We love talking about food and the next nutrition fair will be on the calendar soon.