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Happy Halloween From The Cave

Thursday, October 31st, 2013
The Cave crew in costume

The Cave crew in costume

Your staff at The Cave wishes you a happy Halloween. Have fun tonight everyone. We’ll see you in November!

Hollywood Invitational Meet Results

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Olivia N. on bars

Anna B. on Beam
In our second to last meet before States the girls performed well again. This time we drew Olympic order (Vault, bars, beam then ending on floor) for the level 4 team. We also added another gymnast to our roster. Meghan R. competed in the level 4 group for the first time. This was Meghan’s first time competing ever. A very exciting and nervous time. Emmy D. was consistent, with her best score being on Beam at 8.85.  Emmy always shows great lines and positions on beam. Meghan competed three events, leaving off bars at this meet. She did great, getting out there and showing her stuff. Anna B. had a fantastic meet scoring well on all events. She finished with a 35.025 all around, enough to qualify her to state championships.
The level 5 group had another solid meet. Olivia N. flew on bars. In the video above you’ll see she’s approaching a cast handstand out of the first kip. She’ll keep building that up and killing it on bars. Every meet so far Olivia has been consistent. She has not had a major fault on any event in competition yet this season. Mia B. performed a huge vault scoring a 9.15 for second place. She’s gearing up for states having qualified in the last meet.

Halloween Kid’s Night Out

Monday, October 21st, 2013


Take a night to yourself and bring your costumed children to our Halloween Kid’s Night Out at The Cave October 26th, 5:30-10:00 PM (Ages 5 and up). We will be having a Halloween costume contest, play games, have obstacle courses and much more! A gluten free pasta dinner will be provided (if your children are not pasta eaters, please pack a meal for them).

Members and non-members welcome so bring a friend!

Preregister for $35 or at the door for $45.

Contact or call 415-927-1630

We hope to see your children there in their best costumes!

Staff Recommended and Approved - Caveman Fuel Coffee Creamer

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Amanda Norton, our fabulous gymnastics director, is raving about Caveman Fuel Paleo Coffee Creamer!

“Prior to using this product I was an avid believer in heavy cream, so there is something to be said about the creaminess of this product.  I like that it has just the right amount of flavor and creaminess,” says Amanda as she delicately sips from her coffee cup.

Caveman Coffee Creamer has many advantages:  it’s non-dairy, it helps neutralize coffee acid, it’s a good source of essential fatty acids, and has zero hydrogenated fat or trans fat.


Being a woman who is always on the go who prefers a dairy free creamer, the powder consistency of Caveman Fuel Paleo Creamer is a great product for Amanda.

“Since it’s in a powder form, I can conveniently take it wherever I go,” Amanda says while pulling a small tupperware container out of her gypsy bag filled with the white fluffy powder.

“One scoop, stir, and you have creamy coffee!” she says while demonstrating.

This product is recommended and approved by Amanda because it’s a good non dairy option and still gives you that nice creamy texture to your coffee.

Caveman Fuel Coffee Creamer can be found in the office in our pro shop for $12.00.

**This product is advertised as being Paleo, however it does contain corn syrup solids (Great for you 80/20 Paleo enthusiasts out there!)**

Halloween Party Update

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Dear Caver’s,

Due to priar commitments of our clients and staff on the night of October 26th, the Halloween party has unfortunately been cancelled. There will however be a Halloween Kid’s Night Out from 5:30-10:00. Children are encouraged to dress up and to bring a friend! The same fees of $35 pre-registration and $45 at the door apply

Beach Bash Gymnastics Meet Results

Sunday, October 6th, 2013
Anna and Emmy our Level 4s

Anna and Emmy our Level 4s

Saturday October 5th was the Beach Bash at West Coast Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Pleasanton. This week we had 5 girls head out to the meet. Two level 4s and three level 5s. The girls performed very well. The level 4 session was first. We started on beam which can be a good or bad thing. For the girls beam can be a tough event because a fault can easily lead to a fall which leads to major score deductions. Anna and Emmy both hit their beam routines. Emmy scoring an 8.875 giving her a third place on beam. Floor was next Emmy scoring an 8.675 for another third place. The second two events were Anna’s time to shine. She scored an 8.25 to tie for second on vault and 9.075 on bars.

Mia, Iz and Liv our Level 5s

Mia, Iz and Liv our Level 5s

Next up were the level 5s. This rotation we drew bars first. 3 up, 3 hits. Two big successes here. Mia scored an 8.7 and Iz connected her whole bar routine, something she’s been struggling to do. Next up was beam. 3 up, 3 hits. Judging at this meet was more stringent than last week. We were seeing better routines with lower scores, but scoring seemed consistent across all of the gymnasts at the meet. Floor and vault also went well. Iz got her steps off in her first vault and ended up running into the front of the horse. The girls are allowed 2 vaults and they take the top of the two scores. Iz was able to get it together and nailed her second vault for a score of 8.4. Mia ended up scoring a 34.625 all around enough for 3rd place and qualifies her for state championships.

The team is doing well. We have work to do back in the gym for the next few weeks to prepare for our next meets, but there is a good chance we’ll see 5 gymnasts at state championships.

Liv and Iz on Bars At The Novato Fall Classic

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Last weekend was The Cave’s first gymnastics meet. We had three of our competitive girls head up to the Novato Fall Classic. It was a great day and all three performed well. The way the USAG JO program works for the girls is that there is a set score they must obtain at a USAG sanctioned meet to qualify for state championships. While none of our gymnasts made this score at this first meet, they are well within range of getting that score in one of our subsequent meets. Above is Isabelle S. and Olivia N. performing on bars.

We’re heading out to another meet this Saturday, bringing 5 gymnasts. We’ll keep you posted on the results.

Team KarMa does Masters Madness II

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Karen L. and Martin H. signed up for a co-ed partner masters competition that was held at Crossfit Diablo in Pleasant Hill last Saturday. This is their story.

Friday: Day Prior To Competition

9:00am – Karen goes to the gym to “work on a few things”. She drops 100kg on her foot and swears continuously for the next 15 minutes.

12:30pm – Karen goes to the doctor to get her foot x-rayed. Luckily it’s just a bad bone bruise. Karen goes directly to the store and stocks up on ice.

4:00pm – Martin goes to The Cantina with Chad L., Ehren H. and Chris W. for drink, not because he enjoys their company, but because Chad is buying.

7:00pm – Martin dresses up as a cowboy and drinks too many martinis.

Saturday: Day of Competition

4:20am – Karen wakes up, feeds the chickens and does her usual morning routine of 30 minutes on the elliptical and some “secret exercises” in the basement. Rich rolls over and continues sleeping.

5:00am – Martin’s alarm clock goes off. He cooks up his usual breakfast of bacon, eggs and avocado and chases it down with a glass of full cream milk. Thayer rolls overs and continues sleeping.

6:00am – Martin picks up Karen who, unpredictably, did not seem nervous at all. On the drive over, we go over the two published WODs for the third or fourth time. We take comfort in the fact that both us are confident that we can do all of the movements on the list (save the rope climb, Karen L.’s elbow is still a mess). As we will find out later, what we don’t know won’t intimidate us.

7:00am – We register our team at Crossfit Diablo in Pleasant Hill. The facility is massive, there is equipment everywhere and the atmosphere would be intimidating except that the people are so friendly. We are still scared. It is cold outside. Our palms are sweating.

7:30am – We attend the athlete briefing and are told the movement standards. There are three heats for each of the two known WODs for our age group (40-47). We are in the third heat so we will have time to watch the first heat and then warm up during the second. We have some time to kill, so we talk to some of our fellow competitors.

9:30am – WOD #1

4 minutes to establish 3 rep max axle deadlift

Then, after 1 minute of transition time, in the next 10 minutes:

(a) Row 1,000m while partner is hanging from a pullup bar

(b) With time remaining, AMRAP:

(i) 80 double unders

(ii) 20 toes-to-bar

(iii) 20 partner burpees

Then, after 1 minute of transition time:

Unknown distance partner run

Axle deadlifts are just weird. We had to use a double overhand grip and because the bar kept rolling out of our hands we could barely manage to lift 60% of our 1RM regular deadlift. We each had 3-4 attempts in the allotted 4 minutes and although we did not know it then, we scored in the bottom quartile for this part of WOD #1. The 10 minute AMRAP was really business as usual, with Martin scaring everyone with his slow start on the double unders (it took him 15 seconds and 3 restarts to get his first rep). Despite her nagging Achilles injury, Karen rocked the double unders and the burpees. The run was an out-and-back affair and we had to run it holding each end of a jump rope. Dropping the jump rope would result in a 10 burpee penalty. The wrinkle was that we did not know exactly how far we had to run (we were told that it was less than a mile); when we got there we would see yellow tags hanging up in a tree, one of which we had to grab and then retrace our steps back to the finish line. Karen started out really fast on the run and Martin was being dragged along at the other end of the jump rope, just trying not to trip over. However at the turnaround point we lost all of our 50 yard lead by getting confused and running past the yellow tags, allowing the second and third teams to catch up. Fortunately, Team KarMa still had some gas in the tank and broke away in the second half to win the heat by 50 yards.

After WOD #1, Team KarMa was in 3rd place overall. The axle deadlift (13th) and run (1st) counted for half-points and the 10 minute AMRAP for a full point (3rd). We are thankful that we are not last. Since this was our first ever CrossFit competition, no-one knew who we were, but now people were starting to ask us “what box are you from?” “where in Marin is your box?”

11:40am – Karen drops a 25lb DB on her foot while warming up her weighted pullups. She drops it in the exact same spot as the day before and lets out a scream that can be heard back in Marin. It really hurts but fortunately despite Karen’s best efforts, it is still not broken. She is limping now, but luckily there is no more running!

12:10pm – WOD #2

3 minutes AMRAP of weighted pullups (45/25lb DB)

Immediately followed by a 10 minute AMRAP:

3 DB deadlifts (45/25lb DB)

3 DB hang squat cleans

3 DB front squats

3 DB shoulder-to-overhead

20 partner box jumps

Karen’s 1RM weighted pullup is right around 25lb and she was able to knock out her 1RM 3 times in the 3 minutes! The DB complex had to be performed by Martin first while Karen held a 45lb plate and then we switched places. Karen was a machine on the DB complex, with great speed and full ROM on every rep. Martin was slightly slower relative to the other men and was never no-repped, but was told to “get lower” a handful of times. We made up some time lost in the DB complex in the partner box jumps. We were jumping onto the same box while facing each other and we adopted a strategy of minimal transition time which meant trying to jump up on to the box to knock the other person off. It seemed to work.

After WOD #2, Team KarMa was 2nd place overall. The weighted pullups counted for a half-point (5th) and the DB complex counted for a full point (2nd). We are a bit surprised that we are still doing so well.

1:00pm – After WOD #2, ten teams (including us!) made the cut and the Final WOD was announced. We knew it was going to have rope climbs as that was one of the required movements to enter the competition. However, Karen was a little taken aback when it was revealed that there would be HSPUs and muscle-ups too! She would never have entered this competition if she had known ahead of time. But now we made the final and there is no going back!

1:30pm – Rich arrives in time to cheer us on in the final. He brought a camera, so there are pictures!

2:00pm – Final WOD

5 rope climbs

Immediately followed by 4RFT:


15 clean and jerks (135/115lb)

20 KB swings (53/35lb)

Then, after 20 minutes has elapsed:

3 minute AMRAP of muscle-ups

Despite all the pre-WOD hand-wringing, the rope climb was a non-issue and we came off the rope only seconds behind two other teams. Martin got onto the wall and did the HSPUs (lucky for the team that he had been working on these for the past year or so, phew!) and then Karen blasted out the majority of the clean and jerks with a brief respite in the middle of each round when Martin stepped in for a few reps. Then there were muscle-ups. Enough said.

So, at the end of the day Team KarMa made the podium, finishing in 3rd place. We placed 4th in the rope climb/4RFT, which counted for 1.5 points and we came 2nd in the muscle-ups, which counted for a half point. We were happy with our effort and had a lot of fun. We found out after the award ceremony that the teams that placed first and second both had Games athletes on them, and we were beaten into third by just one solitary point! Despite the fact that Karen and Martin rarely workout together, we believe that we did so well because we were able to strategize around our individual strengths and were constantly communicating with each other during each of the WODs to minimize non-working time.


Many thanks to our spouses (Thayer and Rich) who took up the slack so that we could be at the event, to all those who sent texts and emails throughout the day, to Bo for his programming and to our regular workout partners who push us every day (Ashley R., Shari M., Ehren and Mark A.)!!!

TLDR; we finished third, we had a great time, we would do it again.