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Parkour Offers an Outlet for Women in Iran

After its birth in France, parkour has slowly grown a following here in the States.  But, parkour is no longer a sport for just the west…nor is it popular with just men.

On Fridays, groups of young women across Iran can be seen jumping from rooftops, scaling the graffitied walls of apartment blocks, and catapulting themselves over stairways. They are performing the same  parkour moves we do here in The Cave, but they’re much trickier to execute while wearing a hijab.

As one student from a Tehran parkour group says:  “It gives us courage and helps us release our pent-up energy. It’s great to feel that nothing can stand in your way.”  We’re in full support of the budding community there in Iran and would like to give a massive shout-out to the courageous ladies who are pushing the limits there in more ways than one.

Parkour’s popularity among young women in Iran is soaring, regardless of the bulkier clothing and head coverings Islamic dress codes require them to wear. The outdoor sport, a fast-paced hybrid of gymnastics and martial arts, seems designed to get you out of a fix quickly, which explains its appeal to young Iranians, whose social lives in the strict Islamic republic often require considerable agility. Iran’s female practitioners are running their own threads on Persian-language forums and posting films on-line to showcase their skills.

You can see a great video and read more about these amazing women here:

Keep it up girls, we’re all proud of you!

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