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Whole Life Challenge

A lot goes into health and fitness: Exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, etc. We talk about these things all the time at The Cave. Sometimes keeping on track is daunting. A few years back to help with this task my friends at CrossFit LA run by Andy Petranek started The Whole Life Challenge. It is a game/contest to help people with the accountability of health. We have decided to get involved this cycle to help our students keep on track. To sign up for the challenge go to our team page at:

If you sign up today you will receive a $10 discount on the sign up. We have had Cavers do the WLC before with great success. Share this with your friends as well. They do not have to be Cavers to participate, nor do they have to be crazy into fitness. There are varying levels of participation. It may be a good way to get some friends to start thinking about their health and fitness without the full level of commitment that joining The Cave can be.


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