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Cherry Picking Is Bad For You

Selecting Only What We're Good At... Not So Good

Selecting Only What We're Good At... Not So Good

A matter of some internal contention in our gym is about the posting of the workouts. We currently are not posting the workouts on our website. Initially this was for one simple reason… Cherry Picking. This is when people hop on to the website and check the workout before coming in. If it is something they don’t want to do, they don’t come in. This is simply unacceptable. The programming is not random. Which days you hit do matter. A lot of consideration goes into the cycle, what workouts hit what days, what skill work is involved, etc. By cherry picking you are breaking the potency of the programming as a whole.

Anyone, and I do mean anyone, left to their own programming will, whether intentionally or not, leave holes in their training. You must train what you suck at. You must train at things you don’t like. By avoiding certain movements, workouts, time domains, or whatever you are sabotaging your training. Nick Wise is one of the best people I know at attacking his weaknesses. He will deliberately select a workout because it includes things he’s bad at. Even with this approach his training would be sub-optimal if he was left in charge of all of his training.

So, back to our posting. We post the workouts to the AthleticsLog the night before they will be done at the gym. Many of you have figured this out. I have no problem with you knowing what’s coming if you want to. However, I have also learned that some of you (and I do know some names) have gone to great lengths to try and find out what the workouts are, and used that information to determine if you are coming in or not. This is Cherry Picking, and is simply not ok. We are working toward some features to make it easier to pick up the workouts (Facebook, Twitter, etc) to follow along. There is no good reason to avoid coming in due to what the workout is. Sure there are times when the workouts will have to be adjusted, sometimes drastically, to accommodate particular needs. Be that training goals, injuries, illness, etc. Regardless, just come in on your training days and do the workout. You will progress faster, and achieve higher goals.

5 Responses to “Cherry Picking Is Bad For You”

  1. Casen says:

    I don’t cherry pick…I just like to know what to wear to the workouts!!

  2. Amadraeus says:

    Ahhemm.,.. CARLOS = BUSTED!. LOL.

  3. Patricia says:

    There’s nothing for me to “cherry pick” as everything pretty much sucks for me. I’m not really “good” at anything so it’s all the same.. “really HARD”… lol.. :-)

  4. Matt says:

    Carlos is totally busted, heh heh.

  5. Carlos Echandy says:

    All I have to say is: OUCH! Ouch! OUCH! This post does have my name written all over it! I couldn’t help it but smile the whole time I was reading it…I could almost hear Andrecito’s voice scolding me while at it! Jeez…ok. Duly noted.

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