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Nasty Girls vs. Nasty Gymnasts Spoof: We need your help!

Ok, so if you’ve been here long enough by now you may have figured out that I have a twisted sense of humor.  I came up with (admitedly with a little help from Roge) a twisted variation of  “Nasty Girls” a few years back. 

Nicole Carroll & Eva Twardokens looking like their scorching selves.

Annie in triple extention executing a clean

Annie in triple extention executing a clean

 For those of you who don’t know what “Nasty Girls” is, or are under the impression that it is a song, (it is a song by “Nitty”) in CrossFit speak it’s an old school bad-ass CrossFit workout that the three original “Nasty Girls”, Annie, Eva & Nicole (from Greg Glassman’s original gym, CF headquarters in Santa Cruz), came up with way back when.  These beatifully strong women are CrossFit legends.  Nicole Carroll runs the level 2 CrossFit certifications and currently works for CF Headquarters.  Eva Twardokens was an Olympic skiier and a member of the U.S. National team for 12 years, and currently coaches at CrossFit Santa Cruz Central,  Annie Sakamoto, who had the best time in the “Nasty Girls” workout, keeps the lowest profile and also coaches at CF SC Central.  She is a metabolic machine and made a comeback to compete at last year’s affiliate cup after having at least one baby. 


Ok, so back to my “Nasty Girls” variation.  “Nasty Gymnasts”.  First I need to explain what  the original “Nasty Girls” workout consists of :

3 Rounds for time of:

    50 Air Squats

     7 Muscle-ups

    10 High-Hang Cleans  (135 lbs Men/ 95lbs women)

It is a wicked hard workout but fun and a great example of a balanced CrossFit W.O.D. with a gymnastics element (the muscle-ups), an Olympic lifting element (the high-hang cleans) as well as a metabolic element (I consider air squats to be more metabolic than anything else).  So our “Nasty Gymnasts” variation is basically the same except for that you sub out the 50 air squats and insert 15 standing back tucks.  (gymnastics speak for back flips)  As for the spoof, I’ve always wanted to make a video of ”Nasty Gymnasts” with three of us dressed up as Annie, Eva & Nicole.  (I’m not sure why, but I figured it would be hilarious!)  Now that would be creepy.  To make matters worse, since we have access to a green-screen (but only for a few more days now) we could actually shoot it in there and use the green-screen to fit in the original CF Santa Cruz Headquarters gym as the background to the video and be in the same positions as Annie, Eva & Nicole were during their own workout.  How do you like that for CF comedy?  It would be Gabe, Roger & myself starring as Gabannie, Rogeva & Nicoledrea.  Eeeewwww….  Of course, we don’t neccessarily have to use the green-screen, since there are complications with that.  We could do it under the CFM mezzanine, which looks kind of like the original HQ, but it wouldn’t be quite as funny and weird. 

Sooo….  Roger said he is willing to do it, but he is not going to allow the delay of the demolition of the big studio at all.  The video guy that was going to help us with the project has not returned my phone calls.  He’s probably too busy preparing for the CF Games assignments.  Roge-Air is going to pick up the scaffolding tomorrow to start taking the piping down from the ceiling.  Which means that if we’re going to make this happen, we might have to do it really, really soon and we’re going to have to do it ourselves.    In conclusion, if you want to see me, Gabe & Roge make complete fools of ourselves, and dress us up in drag (I know some of you CFM moms are giddy about the idea already) all you have to do is go shopping for clothes and sports bras and wigs that pretty much exactly match what those three were wearing in the “Nasty Girls” video.  {please make sure that my breasts don’t fall out while I’m doing a back flip}  If the video turns out to be too creepy, or in bad taste, then we’ll just watch it in the gym for a good laugh and delete it foreva.  If it turns out to be creepily hilarious, maybe we’ll send it to CF HQ and see what they decide to do with it.  Ahhh… I don’t know why I come up with these ideas to complicate my life.  I hope this doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass too hard- but then things wouldn’t be quite as fun if we never dared to do anything kinda crazy… after all, that’s how the gym got started!

3 Responses to “Nasty Girls vs. Nasty Gymnasts Spoof: We need your help!”

  1. Blair Lowe says:

    Where are you Dan Taube? We seem to need a shrink over @CFM pronto…

  2. Amadraeus says:

    Blair… LOL.. =D

  3. Carlos Echandy says:

    That’s EVA! Anything I have to comment on any of these videos would be highly inappropriate!

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