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Advanced Parkour Roll Tutorial by Levi Meeuwenberg

Levi Meeuwenberg is considered to be one of the most amazing and skillful traceurs in the United States if not the world.  He was among the athletes that I met down at American Ninja Warrior 2.  Of course you all know that I will be writing about my experience down there shortly, and of course I’ve already sacrificed some sleep doing research on American Ninja Warrior 2 & American Ninja Challege videos on YouTube to try to give you guys a better idea of the great bunch of fellows that I met down there.  While digging up the videos, I stumbled back upon Levi’s old parkour shoulder roll tutorial.  This video is one of my all-time favoirite parkour tutorials.  It is incredibly technical yet lucid, fun and light-hearted, kind of like the guy who made it who’s also known as “SkyNative”.  Very appropriate alias.  (You can check out his website at   I swore that I had posted it on our blog back in 2009, but when I did a search for it, I couldn’t find it.  In any case, even if I did, it would deserve a reappearance especially considering how shoulder rolls are among the most useful movements to master in parkour and how professionally done the piece is.  I know that Aero has some issues with this tutorial, but it still remains one of my favorites.  (Remember that as Levi says, this is not a begining parkour roll tutorial.  It’s about advanced techniques and if you haven’t practiced them considerably, well, there is always the CFM foundations PK-1 private to get you started on our parkour classes.)  More on American Ninja Warrior 2 later this week.  Enjoy:

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  1. Bill N. says:

    Great post, awesome video and artfully edited. The physics behind the entire roll are skillfully explained and tied into the other clips (gymnastic moves, etc.). I’ve bookmarked Levi’s web site, and his inventive method of raising money to help disadvantaged kids through parkour. I recommend everyone see him back-flipping in restaurants, elevators, etc., and consider donating to the cause:

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