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Ninja Class this Sunday Sept 12th!

It’s finally here!  We are going to have our first “Ninja Class” this Sunday Sept. 12th from 2:30-4:30pm.  It will be comprised mainly of a combination of parkour, gymnastics, rock-climbing, plyometric, and balance elements interwoven with brutal conditioning including strength, stamina, and cardio.  I will be coaching the class with Andrey Pfening as assistant coach.  My rock-climbing buddies (mainly Keller & Josh) are rallying up a bunch of their friends to come up for the class so there should be anywhere from 5 - 15 people coming to the class this Sunday.  We will likely keep it ongoing depending if the time works for enough students.  It is included in the “Unlimited Everything” and “Unlimited Parkour & Gymnastics” plans.  This is going to be the most comprehensive class at CFM to date.  I am not exculding any training modality from the class.  The only thing I can promise is that they will be very hard and  fun and that you may just find your inner “Ninja”.


By the way, American Ninja Warrior II airs this December.  You can check for updates.

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3 Responses to “Ninja Class this Sunday Sept 12th!”

  1. Bill N. says:

    Drais, great idea and class time… I had to look up the definition of plyometric (very cool). I’ll need to up my proprioception mojo to even think of showing up…CFM rocks!

  2. Matt Mihaly says:

    You going to be there, Bill? I’m not sure I can make it, but I think I’ll try!

  3. Bill N. says:

    Matt, couldn’t make today’s session, but planning for next Sunday!

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