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Who is your favorite CrossFitter & why?

Who is your favorite CrossFitter?  (male and female)  How come?  CrossFit has the unique position of having people from so many different backgrounds, ethnicities, sizes and histories, both young and old that it makes for a myriad of different stories.  Maybe your favorite CrossFitter is one of the favorites to win the games, a big name such as Jason Khalipa, Annie Thorisdottir, or someone off the list from last year’s (2010) final results:

Top 10 Men
1. Graham Holmberg (48)
2. Rich Froning Jr. (51)
3. Chris Spealler (69)
4. Matt Chan (73)
5. Mikko Salo (77)
6. Austin Malleolo (84)
7. Pat Burke (91)
8. Ben Smith (93)
9. Tommy Hackenbruck (111)
10. Peter Egyed (117)

Top 10 Women
1. Kristan Clever (31)
2. Annie Thorisdottir (43)
3. Valerie MacKenzie Voboril (51)
4. Jessica Pamanian (72)
5. Julie Foucher (72)
6. Christy Phillips (75)
7. Rebecca Voigt (77)
8. Heather Bergeron (84)
9. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (94)
10. Michelle Kinney (99)

Another possibility is that your favorite CrossFitter may be from the early days, such as Josh Everett, Eva Twardokens, Greg Amundson, or Annie Sakamoto.  Or maybe your favorite CrossFitter is someone local that you look up to such as Gabe T., Bo W., Jill S., Roger H., Amanda N. or Karen L.  It could even be someone who is not all that good, but who’s heart and perseverence truly inspires you or that you look up to for some other reason.  Let us know who and why in the comments.  Here are a couple of videos to check out while you’re thinking about it:

2010 Games Highlights & Recap:

A bit of CrossFit Games History:

Bill Berry is featured in the 2010 Nor Cal Sectionals video:

Here’s a link to a 2009 Blog post that touched on the 2007 & 2008 CF Games competitions:

Ok, maybe you shouldn’t watch all the videos, because it would take hours, but don’t forget to let us know who are your favorite CrossFitters! 

See you guys in the gym.


5 Responses to “Who is your favorite CrossFitter & why?”

  1. Amadraeus says:

    My favorite male CrossFitter is Jeff Jones. Even though he sometimes takes 20 minutes longer than anybody else to finish a 15 minute met-con, his stubborn perseverence is inspiring and reminds me of what’s important about this program. I also like watching the change that is coming about in his physique, as in many others of our clients. I hope the Jones’s have a great time in Czechoslovakia and that they all get back safely next year.

    My favorite female CrossFitters is Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Jill Sprague, because they’re always happy and enthusiastic about what they’re doing. Also, they’re pretty good, too.

  2. Patricia says:

    My favorite Crossfitter is Kristy Graves. Because when I was starting crossfit and panicking about keeping up, Kristy was always there calmly and quietly (and killing) the WODs. When she was finished quickly, she always made sure she was encouraging me until my last rep. And even more encouraging and inspiring was watching her steadfastly power through a beastly wod she was Rxing…(as always) after the rest of us who scaled were done. She never talked about her times/rounds/weights, she just quietly did her badass performance while making sure every one around her was comfortable and encouraged.

  3. Andres De la Rosa says:

    Yeah, Kristy was awesome and always willing and eager to help. We were lucky to have her here back then. I believe she is still in Seattle, but I’m not sure. We should check up on her to see how she is doing!

  4. Matt Mihaly says:

    I’m my favorite Crossfitter. I hope many people feel the same way about themselves!

  5. Blair Lowe says:

    Probably Spealler and Annie T. However, you gotta love Annie Sakamoto. She’s quite a nut. I like Spealler because of his ideas on training and methods. Annie T is blonde, Norse, and a polevaulter.

    Dutch is a pretty cool guy as well.

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