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Power and Speed on Vault

Just some clips of insane power and speed. Notice a lot of these guys have very strange running mechanics. They could be better, but the precision of the set up is more important than a little bit of speed to be gained by better running. Enjoy:

A montage of high value vaults.

1. Handspring layout (sorta) 5/2 (2 and 1/2 twists)

2. Handspring double front 1/2 out. (best performance of this vault ever)

3. Handspring front 1/2 back tuck out

4. Handspring double front piked

5. Handspring double front 1/2 out piked.

6. Katsamatsu (1/4 on with 3/4 off) stretched with 2/1. (additional double twist)

7. Tsukahara (round off on vault) double pike

8. Yurchenko (round off entry) double pike

9. Round off 1/2 on handspring layout front 5/2.

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