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Pursue Happiness Not Pleasure

Bill Pursuing Happiness Through Cleans

Bill Pursuing Happiness Through Cleans

This concept is based quite a lot on how these terms are defined, so be sure to catch my meaning.

Generally those who aggressively pursue pleasure end up pretty miserable. Those that swing the other way generally end up with enduring happiness. Let’s look at some concrete examples of these pursuits.

Eating a doughnut is pleasurable. The sweet fatty bread tastes good. However, the sugar is terrible for your metabolic and hormonal processes, the gluten is likely causing bowel inflammation and the caloric load with negligible micro nutrients (in addition to the screwed up insulin response) will likely lead to an increase in body fat. So eating the doughnut will lead to a reduction in happiness overall, even though the consumption increases pleasure.

We could take a similar look at many pursuits. Drinking, drugs, sexual relations are all things that are all pleasurable, but approached with abandon and without thinking through the consequences will ultimately lead to unhappiness. Denying yourself pleasure when appropriate will lead to enduring happiness.

Our workouts are generally not pleasurable. I often wonder what people think is going on in our facility when the doors are closed. It sounds something like a torture chamber. And yet, I get to work with some of the happiest folks around. People are smiling, live well, and enjoy the heck out of life.

These decisions also increase the happiness of those you care about as well. Often decisions to pursue short term pleasures can wreak havoc on relationships. Your decisions are often not just about you. Be sure to consider this when making them. Make wise choices and pursue happiness.

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  1. Karen LeFurgy says:

    Thanks Roger, good reminder….

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