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Be Careful Of What You Find On The Internet

Ok, so these two videos are instructional on lifts we are very familiar with. The thing is, they are terrible. The guy in the video clearly doesn’t know how to perform the lifts properly. Bottom line is this is completely unacceptable, especially if you consider that 15¬†minutes¬†of searching online will give you enough information to determine that this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about regardless of your experience in these lifts. Anyone who has been through a single session with us knows more than this “fitness expert” about proper lifting mechanics.

I hesitated to post this because I really don’t want this guy to get any more views, but I did want to get this point across. There are a lot of self-proclaimed experts online and it does take a little diligence to make sure that the information you are reading and viewing is backed with experience. This is an extreme case and most are not so easy to pick out. There are a lot of well written misinformed pieces out there. Any time you read anything that you plan on implementing in your life, be sure to find other sources to confirm the information. Never rely on a single source. You can even check out what we tell you. I will back up and support anything we are teaching.

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