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How Are Your Basics?

Often times when someone is failing a highly difficult skill, it really has nothing to do with that skill, but the setup and basic structure leading to that skill. This video is a great example of this. Clearly this guy is a good tumbler. He has great power, and good air awareness. Unfortunately his basics are pretty sloppy. His round off is off line, shoulder angles are limited in many of the parts and he doesn’t set well.

The set is the take off into the big skills. When he attempts the┬átriple┬áback off the tramp his arms are low, he’s not fully extending out of the back handspring and he rushes the tuck. If he were to clean up these basics he’d make the triple easily.

This is very common. We’ll see people miss heavy cleans, snatches, muscle ups, pull ups because of flaws in their basic movements. Pay attention to the little things. Every rep of every exercise you should be focusing on doing it as well as you can. Down to the smallest detail you can mange. With this mindset the big lifts and skills will happen. Your efficiency and power will increase. Focus on the small things and the big things will happen.

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