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Medical Service Pricing…. Broken

A while back I posted “Health Care Costs Are Our Fault” It is a discussion that the dominant costs in our health care system go toward treating completely preventable conditions. No matter how you look at it, health care costs are distributed. If you have health insurance you are covering costs for other people. You pay taxes which a portion of go toward health care related services. Even if you don’t have health care, if you use health services you pay┬áridiculous┬áprices to help pay for other people’s health care costs.

There is no question the market surrounding health care is broken and operates like no other business in our economy. It continues to get worse, and may really take a massive effort by many of us to get things to change. It already damages our economy and has the potential to reduce the quality of life and wealth of everyone significantly if we are not able to fix the system.

The following is a long article, but a worthwhile read.

Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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  1. Hugues says:

    Unfortunately they have now removed the article from free viewing.
    You either need to be a subscriber, or you need to buy the special edition report.
    And you should :)

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