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Super Slow Motion Olympic Lifts

This is incredible.  Watch these videos of Chad Vaughn doing a 315# clean & jerk and of him doing a 285# snatch.

I’ve seen lifting in slow motion before, but this is a whole other level.


Workout for May 8, 2013

A) Warm up: Front Squat 3 reps @75%, 3 reps @85%

B) 5 Mintues hip mobility

C) Front Squats 2-2-2 reps @95%

D) 5-minutes forearm/wrist mobility

E) 5-min EMOM: 1 deadlift/ 1 hang power clean/ 3 push press/ 2 thrusters/ 1 split jerk

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  1. Bill Berry says:

    Great video!

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