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GHD Extensions

No, it’s not an extra feature for the GHD.  I’m talking about the exercises you can do on it: the hip extension, back extension and hip & back extension.  There’s a little bit of confusion about those three movements, so here’s a couple of videos to give you a good idea of the difference.  The first one is classic, old-school CrossFit video (I apologize for the music, the video would be great without it) that shows the difference between all three movements.

The second video is Josh Everett explaining the movements and their purpose at a Level 1 seminar.

Recap: Hip extension = hip free of the pad, back stays flat.  Back extension = hip on the pad, back does the snakey thing.  Hip & back extension = hip free of the pad, back does the snakey thing.

Workout for May 22, 2013:

A) 5 Minutes hip mobility

B) Swords Day 20: Warm up: Front Squats 5 reps @60%, 5 reps @65%

C) Front Squat 2-2-2-2-2-2 @70%

D) 4 rounds for time: row 500m / 15 burpees.  12-minute cut-off.

E) 10-10-10 GHD sit-ups / seated good mornings


For time: row 1000m / 25 push press (20/15kg) / row 500m / 50 push-press (20/15kg) / row 250m / 75 push press (20/15kg).  20 minute cut-off

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  1. Tracy Jaquier says:

    Hi Nick:

    First of all Congratulations on your Police Academy Acceptance! I am so happy for you. I will miss you alot around The Cave, but you are on your way. That is so great.

    I got alot out of this video, so thanks for posting.

    I hope to see you before you leave. Thanks for all you have done for me during my first year at Crossfit. I really love it.

    Tracy J.

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