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Goodbye, Everybody!

I think most of you know that Wednesday was my last day teaching at The Cave.

img_45441I’ve had some really good times coaching at The Cave, and I’m going to miss you all.  My new job starts on the 28th, and it’s going to keep me pretty busy for a while.  Have no doubts that I’ll still be around, and I plan on working out at The Cave when I’m able.

Also, have no fear about the future of the CrossFit program.  We’re currently working on extra coverage, and I’m programming through June and making sure the other coaches know how to follow my template.  However, if any of you would like to help my volunteering to write some blog articles for us, that would be very helpful.  Contact me or Roger if you’re interested.

If any of you want to see me this weekend before I disappear for a while, I’ll be at Regionals all three days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  (Seriously, how come nobody is going?  It’s in Santa Rosa and costs like $15 for a day!)

And, I’ll be at the Cave for the Memorial Day Hero Workout & Barbecue.  That event will take place on Monday, May 27, from 9:00 - 11:00 AM.  If you’re coming, bring something to grill/ share (it’s morning, so I guess we’re grilling breakfast?), and be prepared for a great/horrible workout.  Child care is available for ages 3+ for a nominal fee(sign up in the member’s area), so there’s no excuse.

I’ll see you guys around!

Workout for May 24, 2013:

A) 5 Minutes upper back mobility

B) Swords Day 21: Warm up: Back Squats 2 reps @70%, 2 reps @80%

C) Back Squat: establish 1 rep max.  Spend 5 minutes reveling in the glory of your new PR. Record this number on the board.

D) 5-5-5-5-5 back extensions / plate rotations / one-leg Romanian deadlift / one-arm overhead squat

E) For time: row 1000m


A) 100 Wall ball shots for time, EMOM 3 burpees.  10-minute cut-off.

B) Overhead carry 400m (40/30kg).  10 jumping squats on every drop.  10-minute cut-off.

C) Tabata sit-ups.

3 Responses to “Goodbye, Everybody!”

  1. Tracy Jaquier says:

    Best of luck Nick! We will all miss you.

  2. Matt Mihaly says:

    You’ll be missed! Good luck at academy. Sandbagging ftw!

  3. Cathleen says:

    I’m going to miss you, Nick, but I’m really happy you are moving on to this next big adventure!

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