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Paleo Jerky and Creamer in The Store

CaveMan Fuel

CaveMan Fuel

If you look in the store you’ll see these bags with a caveman on the front. We now carry Caveman Fuel jerky and paleo coffee creamer. These products are fantastic. Really simple, whole foods and taste great.

The jerky is made from 100% grass fed beef. All organic spices. Super simple. Now here’s the cool part. This jerky was originally thought of and product tested at The Cave. The story goes back a few years. I was talking with a few folks one day, basically complaining that there wasn’t any jerky on the market that didn’t contain tons of sugar and other crap. So Bryan A. pipes up and says, “I think I can solve that”. This incited a bunch of odd looks. So within three days there are several bags of jerky at The Cave and Bryan asked us to try them all and let him know which was best. We did, and across the board the winning jerky was also the most simple. Caveman Fuel had its first evaluation and the run to creating a product got started. It is on the shelves in the store. Try it out.

The paleo creamer was another addition to the product line. Non-dairy and contains no hydrogenated oils. It is coconut based. I can’t speak personally about this product as I don’t drink coffee, but I know there are others in the gym that have tried it. Ask around, or buy a bag and let us know what you think.

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