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Challenge WOD #4

Challenge WOD #4 has arrived!

You may complete this workout as many times as you would like until the workout closes.

The closing date is Wednesday, July 24th.

Remember you must have a judge to verify that your repetitions are good and your score is valid!

Challenge WOD #4:

In 10 minutes, complete as many rounds of:

8 Thrusters

10 Toes to Bar

12 Box Jumps

Your score is the total repetitions completed.

Movement Standards:

Thrusters: Men will lift 50 kg and women will lift 35 kg. For each rep to count, you must achieve full depth, meaning hip crease below the knee, and full extension on the lift with arms locked out over head.


This is full depth


This is full extension

Toes to Bar: For the repetition to count both feet must pass behind the vertical line, meaning hips must be fully open, and toes must touch the bar.


Hips are fully open


Toes are touching the bar

Box Jumps: Men will use a 24″ box and women will use a 20″ box. For the repetition to count you must jump with both feet onto the box and show full control at the top of the box with your hips fully extended.


jump onto the box with both feet


full control, hips extended

Good Luck!!

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