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Work Party At The Cave

This is going to be epic

This is going to be epic

Saturday evening at 5:00pm we are going to make some major changes to the gymnastics area. Depicted are the deck and carpet for a new full size floor. This is as good as it gets as floor goes. These panels, foam and carpet need to be moved into the gymnastics area and all equipment currently there need to be moved into our new space. There’s a lot of work and we would love to have company. Please come on down to The Cave if you have the time and help out. Pitch in a little or a lot. Any help will be appreciated. The results will be spectacular.

This thing is fun

This thing is fun

We have also acquired a new trampoline. Be sure to try this thing out. When you do, have a coach with you because this thing is responsive. Keep things under control and have a great time.

The next phase of The Cave has begun. More space, new equipment. There’s a lot of work to do, but the end result is worth it all. All of you, our students, will reap the benefits. We thank you all for being on this amazing journey with us.

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  1. Blair Lowe says:

    Sweet full floor and aussie bed.


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