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CrossFit Games Masters Event 1 Complete

The CrossFit Games have begun. The athlete check in and first briefing was at 7am, so our day began early. Got Bill up, grabbed a small snack and headed out. Bill didn’t sleep well, but was feeling good going into the first event.

The first workout was Nancy. 5 rounds of a 400m run followed by 15 overhead squats. A familiar workout, so no surprises with the movements or standards. The women kicked off the day. It became clear that the overhead squat was the primary differentiator for the main pack. In each heat there were a few athletes that ran fast and performed the overhead squats solidly. Most of the pack ran at a good pace and struggled a bit with the overhead squats as the workout went on, then there were a few stragglers, most with mobility and shoulder issues that made the overhead squat a difficult, or impossible movement.

Bill’s heat came out and he was placed front and center. We could get nice and close to yell/coach at him. Bill started the run and finished the first 400 in the middle of the pack. We all know running isn’t Bill’s strong suit, so he was looking great. First set of overhead squats unbroken and made up ground on the pack. Each round Bill fell a little bit back on the run and gained it back on the overhead squats. After passing a couple guys during the overhead squats on the last round (all 5 rounds of overhead squats unbroken) he ran to the finish line in 7th place. He then headed to the sidelines to collapse into the normal Berry fetal writhing position we are all so familiar with.

We’ve gotten him fed, took a recovery bath and he’s getting some rest. A couple hours until his next event. We’ll keep you posted. Be sure to check out the master’s stream at:

Recorded footage from the first event is there as well.

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