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A Word From Bill About The Games

Written after day 1.

As I was about to leave for the Crossfit Games and after I arrived several people asked me if I was excited.  Of course I was excited, but the larger thought was grateful.  Gratefu to be where i am and who I am.  I was first grateful for the body and the temperament the God and Father of my Lord Jesus Christ has given me and that He has filled me with The Holy Spirit.  I could not do this without an awareness of His love and presence.  I am grateful for my wife who supports me even in my wild adventures.  Then I am grateful for my children and grandchildren. It was wanting to be able to do activities  with them, and not be an old fuddy duddy unable enjoy activities with them.  I am grateful to Roger who was willing to take a 53 year old, over weight man and help become physically who I am today.    I am grateful for all those who have coached me through the years.  Then I am grateful for our entire Crossfit family who has encouraged me and challenged me.  I am here in large part because of all you.  Thank You!

Today was the start.  The first workout, “Nancy”.  Anything 5 rounds is hard for me, especially when it includes running.  The first two rounds weren’t bad, but as many of you know that third round can get grueling.  The over head squats were fairly easy for me at 75 lbs.; what helped was hearing Amanda telling me to keep going.  Her voice stood out in the crowd for me.  Yes, when I finished I assumed my normal completion position and it took about ten minutes to get my breathing and heart rate under control.  The ice bath was really cold, but helpful.

After the workout and some rest I went back to the to the hotel,got a short nap Roger brought in some good food.  Another short nap and then back to the Center.

Warming up the sled pull did not seem bad and I felt I could low through the HSPU quickly with the 4″ pad.  I only had to move my arms about 2-3 inches.  I pounded out my first ten HSPU.  The guy next to me came Dow and I knew he was pretty good at these, so if he was taking a quick break, I better take a break.  He didn’t come back to the wall and began to harness up for the pull.  I got back up on the wall and cranked out another ten.  It took me awhile to get strapped up in the harness and it was a lot harder than in practice.  The grass was inconsistent in drag; it was hard someplace and nearly impossible in other.  There was one small section, maybe two feet that I had hope it might get easier, “not”!  I staggard  I couple of times.  I was completely unaware of what others were doing.  Two pull ups in I came off the bar exhausted.  I tried to just complete the pull-ups in short sets.  At one point I heard the time and set the target of getting done in less than seven minutes.  I finished in 6:34, good for eighth.  When I crossed the finish line I was finished.  I sat next to the fence, trying to find a little shade.  I heard Rich so I stood up, put out my hands out to him and asked him to cut off the grips; I had to get them off, I want as little touching me as possible when I am exhausted like this.  Even ten minutes after I finished I had trouble walking off the field.  Amanda said, Let’s go to the ice bath, find some shade and sit.  I took about 5 steps saw in a chair in the shade and sat for another 5 minutes then went to the ice bath.

The good thing is I have no injuries and no extremely sore body parts, just tired!

Once again Cavers, I am grateful for all of you.  Thanks for sitting and standing at computer and cheering me on.

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