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USAG Region 1 Congress

Greetings from congress. This weekend a group of the gymnastics staff headed down to USAG Region 1 Congress. This weekend long event is a series of clinics on a wide variety of topics associated with gymnastics. Topics range from teaching mommy and me classes, to drills for elite level movements, to key business topics associated with running a gymnastics facility.

Congress sessions are taught by experts in the field. There is a wealth of knowledge available, and presenters are also available for questions and discussion. It is a tremendous opportunity for your coaches to learn new techniques and refine their knowledge of their craft. With the rapid development of the sport of gymnastics even our most experienced gymnastics coaches are able to pick up new drills and refine their knowledge of techniques. Our lead coaches will be distilling down the information from congress and bringing it back to the gym for the rest of the staff.

For me it is a great time to see people I have known for years in the gymnastics community, but really only see a couple times a year. This weekend reminds me how long I have been in the gymnastics community and how thankful I am for this great sport.

We’ve had a great time. Day 2 is over and we have one day left. It will be great to get back in the gym next week and work with all of our fantastic students.

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