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Team Bomanda conquers Tahoe!

Many of you have heard the story, but here we go with the full details…


Team Bomanda went to Tahoe this weekend for the 2nd annual Tahoe Adventure WOD, put on by CrossFit Anywhere.  We finished 9th out of the 38 teams there.

The day started at Crossfit Avalanche (host gym) with meeting our judge who had us do a max handstand hold to establish a heat position.  I went for the handstand which fortunately placed us in the top position of our heat.  We then had a 5 min AMRAP of 3 muscle ups and 10 pull ups.  As a team, we could divide this work however we wanted.  I did the first 3 muscle ups, Bo did the pull ups and then our plan was for Bo to do the muscle ups while I did the pull ups.  This was a good plan until we fatigued.  So I would jump in and do one muscle up, Bo did a few pull ups, and we kept switching off.  I think we finished with 6 rounds and change.  Immediately following the AMRAP, we entered a strength ladder.

Since we were in the top position, we had 5 minutes before we needed to lift, which was great (everyone filed in at the top of each minute in their heat position ranking)!  There were two rows of barbells set up (one for men, and one for women).  Each athlete had 50 seconds to complete one overhead squat, one front squat and, one back squat, and 10 seconds to switch to the next station.  You had to do the work in that order.  I almost ran Bo over because I got squirrelly on an overhead squat, but was able to get it together and finish the lifts.  I believe women started at 95 lbs, and I failed at 155, not able to get the bar up.  Bo failed at 215, completing the overhead squat only.  He was following some crazy dude who broke the bar and plates with his heavy lifting.  This guy was serious!  The nice thing was that teams didn’t have to stay together on their ladder.  If I failed before Bo, he could keep going and we would still get points, and vice versa.

This first segment placed us in 10th position.  We were super happy.  Some of these athletes looked scary and really good!  We felt like we were hanging in there with the best of ‘em!

We got in our cars and drove to the Tahoe Biltmore where we were to get the rest of our equipment out and ready to go.  We were told swim wear but no goggles (Bo was very excited).  Bikes were laid out, warm clothes put on, and thank god we wore gloves!

Every 30 seconds, a team was released for a hill run to start the second segment of the day (approx. 1.3 miles I was told after).  The teams were released in our ranking order.  Now, I thought for sure that the running portion would be easy for me.  Holy crap did my legs burn!  I had to stop so many times and walk it off.  Somehow, we were able to pass 2 teams who were also walking, and not get passed by others.  But man did I suck it up on the run.  Bo did great and kept me going.

We got to the top of the hill and met our judge who gave us our next assignment.  We needed to complete 50 partner burpees: one person laid down while the other did lateral burpees over them.  We chunked it up in sets so one person had good rest.  Then, we needed to complete a total of 2 minutes in a partner plank hold: Bo got in a push up position while I got in my plank on top of him.  My hands were on his ankles and my feet were on his shoulders.  Then, we had to complete a total of two minutes in a yoga crow pose: your knees went on your elbows and you only balanced on your hands.  This was a one person at a time work station.  Then, a partner one armed handstand for two minutes: I did a handstand, Bo bear hugged my hips and stood up really tall so there was barely any weight on my hand.  We did not come down!  Then…a math problem!

We walked over to a picture of 2 barbells loaded up and we had to tell our judge how much they weighed.  We started doing calculations and then asked pounds or kilos?  It was pounds of course!  The penalty for not getting the answer was 50 more partner burpees.  We opted for the burpees to not waste time.

Finally, we were off running again.  Down the hill and to our bikes we went.  I think we were in 5th or 6th place at this point–we did really well at the top of the hill.  One team passed us on the run down the hill, but they were flying so fast!  Definitely runners!

We got on our bikes and headed towards Waterman’s landing.  This is when the rain started.  Did I mention how cold it was all day? Oh, and windy? Biking in this wet cold was rough.  I believe the ride was 4ish miles away.  I was concerned about the bike portion but this was a pretty easy ride.  We caught up to a team and passed them.  Bo started cramping on the ride and petaled from his heals.  One other team caught up to us.

One the beach at Waterman’s were stand up paddle boards (YES! No swimming).  We got one board and a paddle.  Both of us needed to take that thing out and around a buoy.  After falling of the board a few times in the choppy shore break, we placed Bo on the front of the board laying down so he was stable.  I got on my knees on the back of the board and used the paddle.  With Bo prone paddling and me using the paddle to propel us and steer, we were passing people all over the place!

Getting out of the water, I was super slow to get myself situated.  Thinking  about it now, we probably lost a place or two because I was dilly dallying.  We got back on our bikes and rode another mile or two (passing someone again) to another beach.  Bo’s legs really started cramping again.

At this beach: 50 more partner burpees, 5 climb over a wall and back, and kettle bell work.  With a 1.5 KB in the sand, we needed to complete 100 swings, 75 goblet squats, 50 snatches, and 25 thrusters.  I felt helpful on the swings, got through a fair amount of squats, did some snatches, but the thrusters were a joke for me.  Bo handled of course, but kept cramping, and now it was his quad too.

After our kettle bell work, we were supposed to run across the street to a bus stop (there was not much of a run because of Bo’s cramps) to pick up a sand bag.  This was SUPER heavy.  We had to partner farmers carry it 800 meters.  A very very slow carry because I needed to keep dropping it and switching arms.  We were looking at a team ahead and behind us.  We may have gained some ground on the team ahead, but the team behind didn’t stand a chance to catch up.  We dropped off the sand bag and were to run to the finish (maybe only another 400 meters).  Bo tried to run but couldn’t.  He kept cramping.  I told him to jump on my back and I’d piggy back him to the finish.  We practiced partner carrying in our training so I knew I could.  Why we thought that Bo would be able to jump on my back is crazy, because that locked in the cramps bad and he fell to the ground.  Thankfully, we were in a construction zone and the workers put up their stop signs while Bo writhed in pain.  I tried to help stretch and massage his legs–he’ll tell you I made it worse…

The team that “stood no chance” behind us passed us.  Bo was on his feet and moving at a slow pace.  I couldn’t stand the idea of walking to the finish, so the grand finally was in a fireman’s carry to the finish.  Team Bomanda did it, and took 9th place.

All in all we had an awesome time!  Without faults, weaknesses, and cramps, I think we could have done really well.  Even considering those things, we DID really well.   Team Bomanda will not stop here.  We want to continue competing in events, making our name known to the world!  We are a force to be reckoned with!

Tahoe Adventure WOD is just the first step.  Next are sponsorships, outfits, and fan club apparel.  Let us know if you’re interested…

A big thank you to our swimming coach Lori Erezuma!  And thank you to the LeFurgy family for your care package!

Here is a link to Blair Morrison’s blog on the event with a video recap at the end.  Bo and I have a few appearances in there, and I am shocked they didn’t include our finish.  Maybe it was a little too epic… Enjoy!

7 Responses to “Team Bomanda conquers Tahoe!”

  1. Rich says:

    Fantastic job BOMANDA. You guys both did great in a very challenging event! Congratulations

  2. Narendra says:

    Gosh that weather looks awful! There are big waves breaking on the lake shore. Great job!

  3. Cathleen says:

    Totally speechless at the epic-ness of your adventure!

  4. Sam Winegarner says:

    Wow, you guys are awesome! Wish I could have been there to cheer you on. I’d totally buy a BoManda shirt, do it!

  5. Samir says:

    You guys are awesome! Congrats!

  6. Cara says:

    What an adventure! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Jessica says:

    You two are amazing! BoManda - that cracks me up. Where can I get my hands on a t-shirt?

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