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Staff Recommended and Approved - Caveman Fuel Coffee Creamer

Amanda Norton, our fabulous gymnastics director, is raving about Caveman Fuel Paleo Coffee Creamer!

“Prior to using this product I was an avid believer in heavy cream, so there is something to be said about the creaminess of this product.  I like that it has just the right amount of flavor and creaminess,” says Amanda as she delicately sips from her coffee cup.

Caveman Coffee Creamer has many advantages:  it’s non-dairy, it helps neutralize coffee acid, it’s a good source of essential fatty acids, and has zero hydrogenated fat or trans fat.


Being a woman who is always on the go who prefers a dairy free creamer, the powder consistency of Caveman Fuel Paleo Creamer is a great product for Amanda.

“Since it’s in a powder form, I can conveniently take it wherever I go,” Amanda says while pulling a small tupperware container out of her gypsy bag filled with the white fluffy powder.

“One scoop, stir, and you have creamy coffee!” she says while demonstrating.

This product is recommended and approved by Amanda because it’s a good non dairy option and still gives you that nice creamy texture to your coffee.

Caveman Fuel Coffee Creamer can be found in the office in our pro shop for $12.00.

**This product is advertised as being Paleo, however it does contain corn syrup solids (Great for you 80/20 Paleo enthusiasts out there!)**

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