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The Kip Challenge Was Completed

A while back we had a group of level 3 gymnasts that were all really close to getting a glide kip on uneven bars. Since these would be the first Cave grown gymnasts to get their kip we decided to make a little challenge out of it. Amanda offered up a batch of cookies (paleo of course) to the first one to make their kip. After much work and progress a couple weeks ago the challenge was completed. Adeline T. got her kip (this was very quickly followed by Meghan R.). And now we have a whole new batch of gymnasts ready to make their kip.

The kip on uneven bars brings much frustration to younger gymnasts. It is an all but essential skill for uneven bars, but requires quite a bit of strength and technique. For most it takes a LOT of work to get. Many hours are spent working on glides, developing strength and getting frustrated. Getting a kip is a significant achievement and we celebrate it every time.

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