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3 Days in!

Oh man…well, I have not journaled, I have not weighed or measured, and I have not taken camera documentation like I wanted to.  I started the diet on September 1st, although I definitely was aware of my eating before hand so that I could better ease into going fully paleo.

On the night before I started, we had a massive gym work party, where I was painting, cleaning , etc. until 5am.  I needed to coach at 9am, so you can rest assured that I was exhausted, as well as every other coach.  What this meant for the diet was that I couldn’t hit the store for supplies, and I could not get a good baseline for where I was starting.

So, I’ve been making due with what I have, and have attempted to order out.  All things considered, I think this means the last few days have been about 90% paleo rather than 100%.  You certainly realize how many things have crap in them.  For me, realizing how many funny oils are used in products has been an eye opener.  For eating out, this has been the biggest challenge.  Also, sugar is in everything!  Geeze.

I will say that I already feel better. I have been a little hungry these last few days, but I think its mostly a matter of me needing more food throughout the day.  I can no longer rely on staying full after a meal!  Also, I have been waking up hungry, which I haven’t felt in a while.

Here are some questions I have for you…

What do you use to cook your eggs?  Olive oil seem like it would be nasty.  What goes in your coffee?  I’ve been using coconut milk, but its not great.  Can anything other than mustard go on a lettuce wrap?

To rephrase, what are you cooking with?  What condiments are you using?

Thanks for the tips!