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Challenge Workout #3

Thursday, June 13th, 2013
Challenge WOD #3 has arrived!

You may complete this workout as many times as would would like until the workout closes.  Closing date is Wednesday, June 26th.  Remember you must have a judge to verify that your repetitions are good and that your score is valid!

Challenge WOD #3:
In 8 minutes, complete as many repetitions of wall ball shots and burpees in the following order;
2 WB
1 Burpee
4 WB
2 Burpee
6 WB
3 Burpee
and so on…
Your score is total repetitions completed.
Movement standards:

Wall ball–Men will use a 20# MB and shoot to the 10 ft mark.  Women will use a 14# MB and shoot to the 9 ft. mark.  For each rep to count, each squat must achieve full depth, meaning hip crease below the knee, and the ball must hit the targeted height.
Good Rep
This is a good rep!
No rep
This is a “no rep”.
Burpee–Your chest hips and toes must touch the ground at the bottom of the burpee.  Both men and women will jump onto a 25 KG plate.  The jump must be competed from 2 feet onto 2 feet.  This means both feet leave the ground at the same time, and land on the plate at the same time (no stepping onto the plate).  You must show an open hip on top of the plate for the repetition to count.  The athlete may get off the plate however they choose.
Bottom of the burpee
Hips, toes and chest must touch the ground at the bottom of the burpee.

On top of the plate

You must stand up on top on the plate with your hips fully extended.  Jumping onto two feet at the same time is required.

Good luck everyone!

Exciting News in the World of Gymnastics in The Cave!

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

In the past months, there have been many exciting chCave Gymnastics Coachesanges to the gymnastics program, as far as scheduling, gender specific classes, level specific classes, etc.  In doing so, we feel it’s important to create a fun and Cave-Like atmosphere on the gymnastics floor, so…

The Cave is pleased to announce our new level names!

Mommy and Me (14 mo-3 yrs) are the “Cave Cubs”

Preschool (3-4 yrs) are the “Squirrel Monkeys”

Preschool (4-5 yrs) are the “Spider Monkeys”

Preschool Hotshots are the “Gibbons”

Level 1 Girls are the “Leopards” and Level 1 Boys are the “Chimps”

Level 2 Girls are the “Snow Leopards” and Level 2 Boys are the “Gorillas”

Level 3 Girls are the “Black Panthers” and Level 3 boys are the “Silverbacks”

Once a student passes level three, they are considered to be on our “Team.” We are expecting to have competitive team very soon!

So what does it mean to be a Cave animal?  Well, each child enrolled in a class is given a Cave wristband designating their animal name.  We welcome students to wear them during class!  Additionally, if a gymnast is moved up to a higher level, they will be given another Cave wristband rewarding them for their achievements.  Other gym “shwag” may be given out as well.

Moving levels brings us to our other exciting news: Skill sheets!

All recreational classes (Hotshots, and Levels 1 and up) will be working off of skill sheets.  Not only will these create better guidelines for our gymnasts to know what skills they need to improve on, but the skill sheets will also provide a good framework for moving a student to a higher level.  Our goal is to create a productive way of keeping track of each gymnast’s individual success, rather than being meant as a grading system or comparison to other students.  It’s important to us at The Cave, to recognize each child for their individual improvements.

The skill sheets will have 3 tiers of skill completion: completion, competency, and mastery.  In order to move a child to a higher level, they will need to have at least 80% completion of skills, 75% competency of skills, and 70% mastery of skills.

Skill sheets will be kept at The Cave, until gymnasts have successfully completed the necessary skills.  Once the gymnast has reached his or her appropriate percentages, they will be given the skill sheet to take home and post with pride!

We are so excited to launch this new piece of gymnastics in The Cave!  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the Gymnastics Director.

Train hard!

Spencer’s Progress…Approaching 30 Pounds!

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

A while back, I wrote about Spencer and his new diet.  This guy amazes me.  For someone who really just LOVES food–I mean LOVES FOOD (nothing wrong with that as long as its in moderation)–he has been so dedicated and on it that it’s really paying off.

He started this diet back in mid-late August.  He eats egg whites and steal cut oats (oatmeal) for breakfast, with a quarter avocado and salsa for flavor (the oatmeal get lots of cinnamon).

Then, throughout the day, four more meals consist of 40 grams of protein, 30 grams carbs, and 10 grams fat.   His protein consists of lean ground turkey, chicken breasts, sirloin steak, or salmon (salmon reduces the amount of fat he gets to eat).  For the fat, he usually sticks to avocado.  Salsa is a free food for him (as long as its fresh), so he tries to make his food Mexican style, for flavor.  Otherwise, his fat is counted in the oils he uses for cooking or eating with salad.  Fibrous veggies are free to eat.  And for the carbs, usually he can have brown rice, potato or sweet potato.  He does have the option of oatmeal again, but who wants that more than once a day?   Additionally, he gets a post workout meal of some sort of protein shake, or apples and peanut butter, berries, or something called PB2.  (PB2 is a supplement you can buy at the store which is pretty much like dehydrated peanut butter–its a powdered substance with a lot less fat in it, but a whole lot of flavor).

Now, this post workout meal is where Spencer cheats a bit, as he is not working out every day!  In fact, his workout regime is about one or twice a week.  Something that he is trying to work on, but not quite succeeding yet, is increasing the workouts.  He knows now that after loosing close to 20 pounds his first month, and then a total of 6 or 8 these last two, that if he wants to continue seeing drastic changes, he must get crackin on the sweat fest!

Now, here’s the cool part:

The “tight jeans” have come back out from the back of the closet.  The belt is on its last notch, t-shits have become not as short,


Spencer did his first unassisted pull up ever!  In fact, he has now made 3 of them!  One of which was partially caught on video.  But how cool is that?  He told me and Roger during the last of a gymnastics class and we just about looked like idiots we were so excited.  Jumping up in down in fact!

I tell you this, because if you work at something long and hard enough you will see results–whatever it is you are working on.  Personally, I like setting mini goals that help me achieve the big goal in mind, because it feels better to slowly chip away at something and see results, rather then waiting for the magical moment as which you have transformed into something completely different.  Poof, I’m sexy!  It just happened! I swear!

Look around the gym and find people that inspire you to be and do better.  Because we are with a group that is constantly working hard.  Cathleen and Ehren are both eating paleo and looking awesome, Shari M is killing it always, Rich L…we’ll hes just our own American superstar, Eileen M had some amazing handstand push-ups the other day…its really pretty easy to find motivation!

So, Spencer…awesome work!  You are helping me stay motivated and keeping my spoon out of the Ben and Jerry’s.  Keep it up and get your pull-upping self to the gym!

Are You Ready For The Olympics?

Saturday, July 21st, 2012
Classic Start

Classic Start

Opening ceremonies is just over 4 days away. Of course in gymnastics this is the pinnacle of competition. This is what so many great gymnasts aim to accomplish. To compete and possibly win an olympic medal. This is the stage where many athletes test to see if their training and talent can put them among the best ever in their sports.

What sports will you be watching? My household will be monitoring the swimming and gymnastics primarily. I’ll try to catch key events in many other sports as well.

Will your viewing of the olympics this year be any different due to recent acquisition of skills and knowledge? I know that for many watching gymnastics takes on a whole new meaning now that they have had some exposure to the basic elements. There is a realization of how difficult what these athletes are doing that comes with exposure. How about Weightlifting? Clean and jerks in excess of 500lbs can sure put your PR in perspective. These athletes are capable of super human feats.

Check out TV listings and in depth coverage at NBC Olympics. The web gives us opportunity to see video that would never have seen the light of day previously. You can see obscure sports. Performances from athletes that don’t necessarily make the top teir at the Olympics, or sports that the US doesn’t play a major role.

Reading Food Labels

Sunday, June 10th, 2012
Typical packaged food label

Typical packaged food label

So the food industry is required to put these informational labels on any product that is to be consumed as food by humans. From this we should be able to get all the information we need to make healthy choices about our food purchases, right? Well, it is certainly not as simple as it should be based on these labels.

First, if it has a label at all you are already one step down the wrong path. Spinach, brocolli, butchered meat, etc does not have any labeling. It is what it is. Spinach, brocolli and meat. Once the food has met some level of processing the labels appear. Not that all food with labels is bad, it is just one indication.

So the first thing to pay attention to. Ingredient list. Some will say if you can’t pronounce or don’t know what everything on the label is then you probably shouldn’t eat it. Well, this wouldn’t really work for me because I’m a chemical engineer and know what all the chemical nomenclature means, and just because it has a long technical name doesn’t mean it is necessarily a bad thing. However, you really do want to read the ingredients list and know that it is in order of mass inclusion in the food product. Roughly, there is more of the first stuff in the list and less of the last stuff. Manufacturers have gotten really good at tweaking things so that the ingredient list and metrics on the top of the label appear to be more beneficial than they are. They will add multiple types of sugar so that no one sugar makes it to the top of the ingredient list. So look for anything that ends in “ose”, contains the word syrup, evaporated cane juice, etc. These are all terms for sugar, and as we know we want to minimize our intake. If 1 serving contains 1g of trans fat they will need to indicate that above, but if 1 serving contains 0.99g of trans fat it can say 0g trans fat in the top. Look for “hydrogenated”. Hydrogenation is the process that converts a fat into a trans fat. Any product with hydrogenated oils of any kind are to be avoided. Look for a minimal ingredient list that sounds like a list of real food.

Next would be to look at the macro nutrient break down. What is the ratio of protein to fat to carbohydrate. What is “good” depends on what else you are eating at that sitting, so research macro nutrient ratios (we have a lot of info there on our site already) to make informed choices.

The food industry goes out of its way to  include buzz words that are considered positive and avoid buzz words that are considered negative. This does not mean that they have any consideration toward the actual healthfulness of the food, they just want to sell the product. Buyer beware. It is up to you to understand what you are eating and what is good to eat. There’s no magic way to make junk food healthy. No matter how many vitamins they add, sugar water is still sugar water, and a cookie is still a cookie.

Be Safe, Be Smart

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

rutger_be_safeAs you are all sitting in your beds unable to sleep because your tummies are all a flutter, as your hearts are thumping and the visions are racing through your heads, as your palms are sweaty and your sighs get a little deeper, and you can’t relax because you are excited but nervous, I want you to think for a moment…be safe and be smart.

I could go on and on with the dramatic introduction. There is no hiding that the first CrossFit Games Open workout is within hours of beginning. For those of us who are signed up, I congratulate you for joining the team. If you aren’t, there is still time!

Regardless of your stance on the whole event, there are some things we can all get out of this madness. Things we all need reminding of, not only while we are competing, but also during our every day trainings. Be safe and be smart. Listen to yourself and to your body. Have fun.

Here are a few things I want you (myself included) to think about as we endure this long process:

1) Prepare: Get a good night sleep; we all perform better with more rest. Roll out and loosen up. I like to do a long session of mobility at least a day before. Get on a roller and dig into those tight places. Pay attention to the areas you most stiffen up and work them out. We all need some pre-hab before a big event (or before a simple day to day workout). Communicate with one another. Get an idea from your fellow competitors of techniques, tricks, etc. that worked or didn’t work. Tell others if you uncover some good information.

2) Pace: If you are like me, who I know some of you are, you will want to do these workouts over and over again. This is a fine line. Know where you can do better, and realize your limits (don’t obsess). Listen to yourself. If it comes down to one extra box jump, maybe it’s not worth a third or fourth attempt (especially if your body is worked and your calves want to kill you), but if it’s a matter of one muscle up (putting you into a whole new category) then maybe its worth another shot.

3) Recuperate: Stretch after every workout! Ice when something hurts (seriously people…icing is not that hard. I am the first to admit that I am not the best in the icing department, but it is just so simple!). Rest appropriately.

Most importantly…have fun! Although some of us want to push hard to get a team to regionals, we are doing this because it’s fun. It’s a challenge. It puts our daily training to a test.

It’s go time!