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The Delights and Frustrations of being a Bad-Ass Ninja & Other Vulgarities

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Our friends at Apex Movement, Colorado are “Living The Dream”, in a parkour & free-running kind of way.  In the process evidently they get a lot of bumps and bruises.  Here’s the evidence:

The qualifiers for American Ninja Warrior 4 for the North & South-Central Regions were March 14th-16th, in which I’m sure several of these folks competed.  A few of the featured athletes in the video include: Amos Rendao, Jake “Love” Smith, Ryan “Demon Drills” Ford,  Justin Clark, Erica Madrid, Dylan Baker, & Mason Fleet.  Hoping they all had fun and the best of luck! (retro-active.  I actually don’t know how any of them did!)

Here’s what they were actually working on:

Sometimes you have to pay the price to throw the big tricks!