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How often do you “Test” yourself, and how often do you just go for a good workout?

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

How often do you “test” yourself and how often do you go at a percentage of your full all-out effort?  Here, testing can be thought of as your absolute, nerve-wrecking hardest attempt. (You’re going as if your life, family and posterity depended on your 100% performance. )  Do you think it’s optimal to give it that much effort with every workout?  Does it have to do with how much stress you’ve been experiencing in  you life,  or how much rest you’ve had?  Perhaps younger athletes can give 100% more often than older ones?   Do you go all out periodically and  for a “good workout” more often?  Have you ever experienced a difference in your injury rate?  Or do you think that CrossFit wouldn’t be crossfit if you held back at all?  Does it partly have to do with age or youth?  Maybe you can test your absolute limits more often when you’re younger but you have to be more careful as you age?  Testing is certainly important at times to see where you’re at as well as for the workout.  I personally don’t find myself going “all out” as often, but it may have to do more with being absorbed by a myriad of training mechanisms that have kept me from specializing on any one and therefore it’s harder to get PR’s in what I previously used to specialize in.  (I’m referring to a variety of training mechanisms even when compared to CrossFit.)  Please post thoughts to comments.