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Who is that guy who has been subbing and helping out with the parkour classes this week? That would be JB Douglass.

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

JB was invited to come to our American Ninja Warrior Open Audition back in Feburary.  He’s a friend of Zack Weldon and Christian Fairfax and used to coach parkour, gymnastics, freerunning, Kid’s Night Out and Birthday parties in Rohnert Park gymnastics.  He competed with us in American Ninja Warrior 4 down at Venice during the qualifiers in early March and he coached the parkour classes on Monday and has been helping out in the gym all this week.  If you watched the ANW 4 trailer that I posted last night you may have noticed him towards the end.  They didn’t actually show him doing anything, just screaming.  Here’s a little video of some of his basketball,… ummm,… parkour skillz:

I love The Beatles, don’t you?  Who do you like more, Elvis or The Beatles?  (Pulp Fiction!)  Post thoughts to comments.

JB is a passionate coach and loves to teach.  If you see him around the gym, feel free to introduce yourself and maybe even ask him for some pointers for your 3-point shot or your double-Kong or precisions.

As a side note, we are still trying to figure out the logistics for the American Ninja Warrior viewing party on May 21st.  We’ll let you know when we do.

Do you recognize anybody in the American Ninja Warrior 4 trailer?

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Cavers,  the American Ninja Warrior Season premiers are on May 20th & 21st on G4 TV & NBC.

We are planning on having a viewing party on Monday May 21st.  Logistics and details will be announced in tomorrow’s blog post.

In the meantime see if you recognize anyone in the newest trailer:

(Hint, you may actually recognize two people if you’ve been in and around the gym during the evening in this last week.)