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Grip Strength

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Hey Crew,

I wanted to point out (once again: the importance of grip strength.  Grip strength is consummately useful in real life situations, if you’re overcoming obstacles, grappling, rock climbing, getting up a tree, moving heavy equipment, doing construction work, navigating a “Ninja Warrior” obstacle course, or fighting through a grip-intensive dead lift /Rope climbing CrossFit metcon, it’s going to come into play.  In my view, one of the coolest, most interesting pieces of equipment that we have in the gym would be the hang board.  It’s that weird-looking pull-up thingy that we have between the two blue pull-up bars under the mezzanine.  Here’s a picture:

"Hang Board" or "Campus Board"  Great for finger & Grip Strength!
“Hang Board” or “Campus Board” Great for Grip &

finger Strength!

Here’s a little video by metolius for some hang board workout ideas:

Quite honestly, in my opinion the absolute best way to train grip strength is by rock climbing, and you also get the added benefit of getting better at rock-climbing!  Nevertheless, since many of us don’t have an extra 2-3 hours a couple of times a week to spend rock climbing, a ten-minute hang board sequence two or three times a week will go a long way towards acquiring the type of  unnatural super-mutant grip strength that can make so many seemingly impossible tasks almost trivial.  In some unique situations grip strength can come in so “handy” that it can even save your life!  But how to start training on it?  Well, thank our friends from Metolius for these concise and effective training sequences:

Time (minutes) Task
1st minute 15 second hang, Jug
2nd minute 1 pull-up, Round Sloper
3rd minute 10 second hang, Medium Edge
4th minute 15 second hang w/ 3 shrugs, Pocket
5th minute 20 second hang w/ 2 pull-ups, Large Edge
6th minute 10 second hang, Round Sloper
5 knee raises, Pocket
7th minute 4 pull-ups, Large Edge
8th minute 10 second hang, Medium Edge
9th minute 3 pull-ups, Jug
10th minute Hang as long as you can, Round Sloper


Time (minutes) Task
1st minute 15 second hang, 3 pull-ups, Large Edge
2nd minute 2 pull ups, Round Sloper
20 second hang, Medium Edge
3rd minute 20 second hang, Small Edge
15 second 90º bent arm hang, Pocket
4th minute 30 second hang, Round Sloper
5th minute 20 second hang, Large Edge
4 pull-ups, Pocket
6th minute 3 offset pulls each arm (high arm jug, low arm small hold), Jug/Small Edge
Change hands and repeat
7th minute 15 knee raises, Jug
15 second hang, Medium Edge
8th minute 25 second hang, Medium Edge
9th minute 15 second hang, Slope
3 pull-ups, Jug
10th minute Hang as long as you can, Round Sloper


Time (minutes) Task
1st minute 20 seconds straight arm hang, Large Slope
3 pull-ups, 4-Finger Flat Edge
2nd minute 20 seconds slightly bent arm hang, Large Slope, stay on
20 seconds L-sit or 20 hanging knee curls
3rd minute 5 pull-ups, 3-Finger Pocket, stay on
25 seconds straight arm hang
4th minute Use every hold starting at the 3-Finger Pocket and working up, staying on each for 5 seconds (don’t get off to change holds)
Finish on Large Slope with a 20 second hang
5th minute 20 seconds single arm hang, Four-Finger Flat Edge
switch hands and repeat
6th minute 5 offset pull ups, Large Slope (top hand) 3-Finger Pocket (bottom hand)
change hands and repeat
7th minute 30 seconds 90 degree bent arm hang, Four-Finger Incut Edge
15 seconds straight arm hang, 3 Finger Pocket
8th minute 3 L-sit pull-ups (bend knees if you have to)
5 seconds front lever or 15 seconds straight arm hang, Large Slope
9th minute 20 seconds straight arm hang using only 2 fingers on 3 Finger Pockets
3 power pull-ups (use weights or helper for resistance, should just be able to do 3 pulls)
10th minute maximum slightly bent arm hang, Large Slope (go ‘til failure) no rest
maximum straight arm hang - Large Slope

Warning All Training Board Users: Training on a hangboard carries risk of injury to fingers, arms, shoulders and the joints connecting them. Take every precaution to avoid damage to yourself; warm-up, stretch, don’t overtrain and listen to your body. Remember, even under the best of circumstances, injuries can occur. In addition, however you mount your board, be sure that it cannot move in any direction. There should be no possible way for the board to come down while training.

…which we happened to post up under the hang board here:

The Metolius hang board training sequences are on the ceiling right under the hangboard.

The Metolius hang board training sequences are on the ceiling right under the hangboard.

Remember that grip strength is of great importance to not only your Ninja, Judo, Parkour, and climbing abilities, but it comes in extremely handy for a lot of CrossFit workouts as well, especially in competition.  Just like anything else, ease into it slowly and consistently at your level and if you keep at it before you know it you’ll see vast improvements!



It’s American Ninja Warrior Season

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Hi Everbody,

  Many of you know that we’re in the middle of the CF Games open 2011, but did you know that it’s also American Ninja Warrior season?  G4 TV’s deadline for the American Ninja Warrior Submission videos is Friday, April 22nd, and the tryouts will be May 16th & 17th in Venice Beach, CA, so I thought it would be appropriate to post our very own Friday parkour coach, Andrey Pfening’s ANW III submission video. Enjoy!