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Spring Break and Summer Camps at The Cave! - 2014

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Marin county's best kept camp secret - right here in Corte Madera

Camps at The Cave simply rule! Regardless of the discipline focus of the camp kids are sure to have a great time and learn a ton. With instructors with decades of experience in their disciplines our camps are fun and developmental.

Camps run from 10am-2pm Monday through Friday
Full week $320
3 Days (M/W/F) $235
Note if you sign up within 1 month of the camp cost goes up 10%. If you register within two weeks of the camp cost goes up 20%.
You may cancel more than 1 month from the start of camp with no fee. Within 1 month of camp 10% of the camp fee will be held. Within two weeks 20% will be held. If cancelled, or no show the day of camp start there will be no refund.


Gymnastics camps at The Cave are a blast. With highly experienced coaching staff avaiable to work with kids new to gymnastics, to those trying to improve their skills for competetive gymnastics we provide teaching for all levels. Our coaches are experts at finding the fun in developmental progressions, and providing games with a purpose. Our staff includes coaches that have competed and coached at a high level, but also fully understand how to ensure that kids love their experience and have fun. Gymnastics is too much work to not enjoy the process.

Gymnastics camps will provide an environment of work and direct payoff. The body control and strength developed in this sport are unmatched. Regardless of whether or not your child wants to pursue gymnastics as a competitive sport, participating in gymnastics will yield lifelong benefit. Age range for our gymnastics camps is 3-12


Come to parkour camp and learn how to run literally anywhere. Walls and fences become aids to movement. Learn how to safely and efficiently navigate any environment. Learn this discipline from deeply experienced coaches. Parkour camps will develop strength and agility. The discipline also allows freedom and creativity as children work out how to best use their abilities to overcome obstacles. Ages 6-12

Please visit our Events Page to get more details on each specific camp and to register.

Call in at (415) 927-1630 to reserve your spot. Our camps fill up quickly.