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Welcome to CrossFit Marin

CrossFit Marin, existing under The Cave’s umbrella, is proud to be the first CrossFit affiliate in Marin County. Our program incorporates aspects from a wide variety of sports. We specialize in not specializing, ensuring that our program is broad and inclusive. It prepares you for sport, recreation, and life in ways that are unmatched. Our team of coaches has a wealth of knowledge in areas like Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and yoga.

Our Youth Strength & Conditioning and Strong Girls programs introduce kids to a lifestyle of health and fitness in a fun and engaging way. These classes focus on safe technique and functional movement.

Get Started in CrossFit for FREE!

Every Saturday at 10:00, The Cave / CrossFit Marin offers a FREE Intro to CrossFit class for people who are curious about the program. Prospective CrossFitters can attend up to four consecutive Intro to CrossFit classes for free before choosing whether to enroll in CrossFit Foundations.

CrossFit Foundations Course

The Cave / CrossFit Marin requires all athletes new to CrossFit to enroll in CrossFit Foundations, which consists of five privately coached sessions and five regular group classes. Foundations ensures that athletes entering our program learn the proper techniques for all CrossFit exercises used so they can participate in our program safely and effectively.

For those athletes who have experience with CrossFit or have gone through the on-ramp or Foundations program at a registered affiliate, we can discuss a membership plan.

Traveling CrossFitters

If you are traveling and would like drop in, we offer both a drop-in option and a two-week class package.

Please see our CrossFit pricing tab for more information.

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