What is Parkour? 

Parkour, the art of movement—or l’art du déplacement in its native French—is a progression-based fitness discipline focused on learning how to navigate your environment efficiently and quickly. Free running adds acrobatic elements to parkour to allow for more expression and fun.

How old does my child have to be to start Parkour classes? 

Kids can start Parkour Fundamentals class at The Cave as early as age seven. Kids starting between ages 9-12 start in Parkour Essentials.

Do you have a teen/adult program?

Of course. The Cave has four 13+ Parkour Progressions classes every week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) and a 13+ Open Gym every Sunday.

Can I drop into a class to try it out? 

Most definitely. If you have never been here before or want to try out a new coach, you can do a paid drop-in. If you end up wanting to enroll in that spot, the drop-in fee will roll into your monthly fee.


Costs vary per age group and program. Please see our pricing table for more information.

Do you offer make up classes? 

Due to high demand for our program, it is impossible to predict when space might be available for a make-up class, so we are not able to offer them. While we bill monthly, we base our pricing on four classes per month, even though you’ll get five classes during multiple months in the year—in effect, free classes. These provide you with built-in “make-up” opportunities.

My child wants to do Parkour but is on a waitlist. Are there other classes they can take? 

Gymnastics is a great precursor to parkour, as it provides a base of strength and mobility that will directly translate to parkour once your child is old enough. Kids 11+ can also take our Youth Strength & Conditioning classes (YSC Fundamentals or, pending coach approval, YSC Experienced).

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