The Cave provides specialized seminars in the application of gymnastics to general fitness and CrossFit. Spend 4-16 hours over one or two days with experts learning proper progressions, strength training, and safety aspects of gymnastics to enhance your CrossFit programming. We cover in detail key points on how to develop and teach gymnastics skills so you can learn what gymnastics equipment and movements take priority when outfitting your gym.

The seminars will cover several topics:

  • Tumbling – Technical rolls, safety rolls and falling, key handstand techniques, balance concepts, cartwheels, and progressions leading to more advanced tumbling skills.
  • Rings – Supports, scaleable muscle up progressions, rolls, presses, conditioning, levers, and kips.
  • Parallettes/Parallel Bars – Learn why your gym needs a set of parallel bars with L-sits, press handstands, swings (wide variety), and balance shifting movements.
  • General gymnastics overview – General overview of gymnastics apparatus and training. Learn how to get started with a broader set of gymnastics skills.

Roger Harrell has over 30 years of gymnastics experience, with 25 of those years coaching the sport. He has coached athletes ranging from toddlers, to newbie adults, to elite athletes. His personal experience in the sport is predominantly as an adult, so he understands learning these skills and techniques under that constraint. Roger, a world expert in adult gymnastics development, was the original SME for the CrossFit community and developed the organization’s gymnastics certification program.

Amanda Norton was a competitive gymnast throughout high school before completing a collegiate dance program at UCLA and later acquiring her CrossFit certification. Amanda has spent the last decade at The Cave honing her craft and becoming a regional competitor in the CrossFit world.

Russell Bruel is a lifelong gymnast and The Cave’s resident kinesthetic genius. His coaching experience spans many years and includes running a competitive boys gymnastics program.

The Cave’s gymnastics seminars delve in depth into the proper progressions and techniques for the gymnastics skills that all CrossFit affiliates should be able to teach on a regular basis. We discuss and practice safety and spotting concepts, and offer an overview of progressive skills and other techniques that will give vision and options to affiliates wanting to progress beyond the basics.

To schedule a Gymnastics Seminar either at The Cave or at your location, call (415) 927-1630 or contact us through our website contact form.

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