Andrey Pfening

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Andrey Pfening was born on March 11th, 1990 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. He spent his childhood in Samara, Russia, and at the age of twelve moved to America. He has resided in the San Francisco Bay Area ever since.

While in high school, Andrey came across a YouTube video of David Belle (co-founder of Parkour). He was instantly drawn to the activity and began seeking out knowledge and experience, practicing with friends and dedicating himself to training on his own several days a week. As he gained proficiency, others were drawn to his abilities and attracted to his teaching style.

Andrey has now become a recognizable member of the Parkour community. He helps orchestrate local monthly jams in San Francisco and is committed to educating himself about Parkour and the most effective teaching tools. He frequently attends local and national parkour summits, with well known practitioners, which review the most up to date trends in the discipline and how to implement these trends into his teachings.

Outside of the gym, Andrey spends a lot of time coming up with skill progressions, class outlines, and visual aids, which assist his physical and vocal style of teaching. He uses video of himself and his own students to break down progressions, frame by frame.

Annually, Andrey performs in live performances, working with local choreographers such as Scott Wells, Zoe Klein, Natasha Kaluza, and others. In 2015, he had a rare opportunity to be part of a massive San Francisco Opera production “The Trojans.” And in 2016, he will be part of the San Francisco Opera’s “Carmen” production. He also periodically choreographs and performs pieces of his own.