What is Parkour?

Parkour, the art of movement—or l’art du déplacement in its native French—is a progression-based fitness discipline focused on learning how to navigate your environment efficiently and quickly. Free running adds acrobatic elements to parkour to allow for more expression and fun.

How old does my child have to be to start Parkour classes?

Kids can start Parkour Fundamentals class at The Cave as early as age seven. Kids starting between ages 9-12 start in Parkour Essentials.

Do you have a teen/adult program?

Of course. The Cave has three 13+ Parkour Progressions classes every week (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) and a 13+ Open Gym every Sunday. We also offer weekly Adult classes on Tuesdays. Please refer to our schedule for class times.

How much do Parkour classes cost?

Our month-to-month enrollment costs vary per age group and program. Please see our pricing table for more information.

Can I drop into a class to try it out?

Yes, space permitting. If you have never been to The Cave and would like to try out a class, we allow one paid drop-in. All drop-­ins must be scheduled at least 2 days ahead of time with our office staff. If you decide you would like to enroll after the scheduled drop in, you must let our office staff know immediately following the class (otherwise, that particular class space will open back up to other interested clients).

Do you offer make up classes?

We are unable to accommodate make-up classes due to the high demand for our program. We simply don’t have open class space to schedule them. To account for the classes you may occasionally miss, we base our monthly pricing on four classes per month despite some months within the year allotting for five classes. These “free” classes in effect provide you with built-in make-up opportunities.

I’m going on vacation. Can I get credit for my missed classes?

As long as our office staff is told in advance, we can issue a 50% vacation credit for absences of two consecutive weeks only. All classes within the two week period must be missed in order to receive the credit. Single missed classes or absences of three or more weeks are not credited or refunded.

My child wants to do Parkour but is on a waitlist. Are there other classes they can take?

Gymnastics is a great precursor to parkour, as it provides a base of strength and mobility that will directly translate to parkour once your child is old enough. Kids 7+ can also take our CrossFit Kids or CrossFit Teens classes, which are great for building functional strength and agility—both of which are essential in parkour.

Do you have any special discounts?

The Cave offers an assortment of 25% discounts for family members, full-time college students, teachers, active duty firefighters, military members, and law enforcement officers. Highest discounts apply, however, and they cannot be stacked.