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Parkour | COVID-19 Opening Procedures and Protocols

Parkour Classes are available at this time.

Classes strictly take place outdoors at The Cave. Please click the button below to see our Current Class Schedule.

As for Parkour Camps, these take place indoors with all doors open during operation for fresh air throughout the building. Camps are limited to 12 athletes per 2 coaches due to distancing guidelines.

Use the button below to see all of the current Camp offerings at The Cave for Parkour.

Not ready to step back into the gym? Check out our Live Online Class Schedule to do gymnastics from the comfort of your own home.

Parkour Program Overview

We are excited to welcome you to The Cave community. We believe that a positive, more confident, and more productive life can be achieved through movement. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had the confidence in our bodies and minds to take on the challenges life throws at us? By practicing parkour, your child will start to gain the social, emotional, and physical skills he or she needs to accomplish their goals in life and to become an inspiration to others around them. We see this happen in people of all ages, shapes, and ability levels. We truly believe that parkour is more than an activity to stay in shape or learn cool moves—it is a way of thinking that can help a person for a lifetime. Our classes are broken into multiple levels and three age groups.

All of these classes include (but are not limited to) obstacle courses, balance games, body-weight exercises, and skill-based station training. We focus on basic Parkour, adding free running and Ninja Warrior training only once a person has mastered the basics of Parkour. These basic skills include walking, running, skipping, jumping, landing, crawling, listening, balance on the ground, correct body positioning during the movements listed above, and cognitive maturity to understand risk assessment.